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October 31 2005

Firefly hits number #1... on DVD in Australia. The series boxset is currently sitting at the number one position at the online JB HiFi website.

Bodes well for the Serenity dvd.
I noticed it was #2 in the sales chart on this morning :)
It's #5 on
Does anyone else find it truly bizarre ironic and very heartening that, on Amazon, the DVD's for this TV show no one has heard of are out selling the DVD's from all the top movies this year except Star Wars?

I know the movie numbers were not what we had all hoped, but I still see a word of mouth thing happening. I do not think this whole thing is nearly over.

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God bless the DVDs!
Now waiting for Serenity sequels (Infinity and Eternity :p)
Bodes well for the Serenity dvd.

Yes. And what I think it means? People love the movie so much they want more. And because they can get 15 hours more on DVD, they're going to snap it up.

Maybe it'll take time, but Firefly fans become Serenity fans; Serenity fans become Firefly fans. It perpetuates itself until the day when a giant group forms that really wants another movie and...
Also in Australia - the online dvd sellers ezydvd have Serenity at no.11 in their "email me when it's available" list here .
I'm on that list Purplehazel.
A friend of mine working at silverscreen (dvd shop) says they have Firefly always on order and sell out as soon as they get new stock in.
I tried to buy it the other day for a friend and was told not only had they sold out at all their stores but their supplier had sold out too.

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