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October 31 2005

Unshelved pays Halloween tribute to Serenity. Our favourite librarian and friends dress up as Mal, Inara and a Reaver for Halloween.

Cool... but I have to admit that I don't get it.
I didnt see Giles anywhere...
Sorry, make that 2nd favourite librarian.
OK I didn't get the funny either.....

Has it to do with the bishop mitra? huh?
That's Mel the Branch Manager - dressed as the Pope. So it's a regular reader librarian kind of funny - trust me.
Here's a page that might help.
I don't get it either.

But for my part, I dessed up as Wash this year. Flightsuit with arms cut off, utility vest, & a hawaiian shirt. My only failure was in not finding any toy dinosaurs.
I dressed as Joss earlier in the year. Took me hours.
I dressed as Joss earlier in the year. Took me minutes, I had to search for my hat. =)
ahhhhh, znachki. I think I get it now. Actually vey funny if I think about it. :)
And I'm not sure it was meant to be funny, exactly. More a recognition of Serenity and the number of fans who dressed up as one of the characters from the show/movie.
Gossi, now you aren't saying anything about Joss' fashion sense, are you?
I actually did a Mal costume last night, and had a great moment when another Mal walked into the Starbucks where we were meeting friends. After both our groups took photos of the two of us together, another woman came running up to take one for her Browncoat friend.
Lioness: according to the Link znachki gave me, Mel is the woman who always gets contradicted by reality as soon as she states something. And she dresses up as the pope? Very funny if you ask me.

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