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October 31 2005

(SPOILER) A chat with Jason Dohring of "Veronica Mars". A cool interview with Jason Dohring (Logan from VM) with lots of cute mentions of Alyson, Joss and Charisma.

You've gotta love any article that links back to Whedonesque.

Plus it's great to hear that Alyson is getting a juicy storyline on "Veronica Mars". Yay!
More Logan is always good lol... I wasn't a huge fan of Alyson Hannigan on this show (although I loved both eps she was in,) gotta admit though, it's second season has been even better than it's wonderful first.
Your link was a little off, fixed it :) (took off the #more that starts you a couple of paragraphs in).
Thank you zeitgeist :). By the way, I love your nick! Very...hmm... hegelian of you.

rabid said
gotta admit though, it's second season has been even better than it's wonderful first.

Thank God someone else finds it, too. Most of the people I know have been complaining that is good but not as good as the first season, and we are still in episode 5.
I sat down and watched all of season one this past weekend, it was fantastic! Season two is every bit as good thus far...Joss was right (as always), a great show!
I wish I could go to Austin to the VM marathon and meet Rob Thomas and the cast!
Thank God someone else finds it, too. Most of the people I know have been complaining that is good but not as good as the first season, and we are still in episode 5.

I hear you, marina. I've been hearing the same thing, but I don't really get it. I'm not ready to say if the season is better or worse than the first season after only five episode, but so far I'm loving every minute of it. VM just rocks.

And I agree, electricspacegirl, that marathon sounds like a blast.

This was actually the first interview I read with Jason. Gotta say he sounds like a nice, intelligent fellow. Logan has always pretty much been my favorite character on the show.
"Itís going to get even better. A lot of seeds have been planted."

OK, I don't squee often, but this show is just killing me! That little mild spoiler JD gave out, all I can say is come on Nov 23rd!! Now mind here, we don't have this show airing in Australia for some stupid reason! Yet, I still watch it every week! Odd that?
Buffybot grin anyone? ;-D
In Canada, the broadcaster hasn't said anything about running S2 yet, and as you can tell, it's already at S2 ep 5 in the U.S. CTV also started S1, oh, about six to eight months after it started stateside. And blew off the last half dozen eps every few days (Thursdays and Sundays), at one point leaving a two-week gap to the last two eps. Doesn't that give you the warm-and-fuzzies for your provider, eh? Fortunately, someone at the office subscribed to the U.S. net and is taping them. There's something like 10 of us in the VM tape exchange program -- sounds like an addiction treatment ;-)
Yeah, same here Nixygirl. I live in Sweden and no one is airing Veronica Mars over here (although rumors tell that it might start in January/February), yet I never miss a show. Weird... But on the other hand I've bought the DVD already so I think I've payed my dues.
I am ADDICTED to VM. Thank God the seeds have been planted for the season- time to water them and watch em grow. And please? Someone kill Jackie, STAT.
I'm loving season 2. The quality, consistency and tight-plotting of the writing is as superb as ever. Kudo to Rob Thomas and his team.

Thanks to the OP - I'm excited about seeing Alyson and Charisma on-screen together again!
And please? Someone kill Jackie, STAT.

Oh hell yea! I wanted to slap her one this week. OK, best stop before I let a spoiler out!
I like Jackie, her character's hostile relationship with Veronica, as well as her relationship with Wallace and her own considerable issues, allows character conflict that could have been lacking this season. I love Logan, but it's hard for him to be the nemesis he was early in the first season. Jackie fills in that spot to a certain degree, while providing enough layers to keep her from being one note, and in no way rehashing any plot lines.

I do have to admit, last episode was the first to really utilise her effectively (I didn't mind her in the third episode either.)

One final note, only Veronica Mars can pull off the potentially lame plot they've been putting Wallace through this season with flair.

[ edited by rabid on 2005-11-01 15:30 ]
It's good to hear others say S2 is better to their eyes as well. I've really dug the upped complexity of this season. Really wishing I'd made the journey to the Mall of America back when S1 was starting when I could've met them all. Jackie's annoying but interesting, excited to see where they go, cause she could easily come around.
I agree with you rabid. Wallace's plot arc is lame really, but it's executed so well, that it still works. The acting and writing is really believable.

If only a terrestrial channel would be brave enough to show this series over here and defy the US ratings for once.
Papa was a rollin stone. *nix sings*
Ah, this season is definately shaping up to be a goodin.
My VM Season 2 provider has been out of the country for the last 2 weeks so I haven't beeen able to watch it. Luckily I am seeing her on Wednesday or Thursday (when we see Serenity again)and with any luck, she will have the tapes with her. Then I can lend them to someone else who is eagerly awaiting them. Sometimes living is Canada is not great!

[ edited by Lioness on 2005-11-01 20:16 ]
Love VM! So excited to see Joss! Also excited to see a scene with Aly and Charisma. It's like old times...sniff. nixygirl, the papa was a rolin stone segment was very powerful! This past episode gave Wallace some good stuff, thank god!
Lioness, sometimes living in Western Canada is an advantage - that and having regular cable :). Luckily, I am able to access Veronica Mars on UPN. I think I missed a couple of episodes last year, though, so I have the DVD set on my wish list.

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