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November 01 2005

"Serenity" DVD (R1) Announced Officially. According to "DVD Times" Universal have announced the DVD, confirming the December 20th release date that's been going around for a while. Edit: Now Includes box art and menu screens.

I'm surprised how low key this announcement has been. No press release, and it hasn't been announced to the fans either.

By the way, this date is definitely correct - I had confirmation on that a few days ago.

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I'm surprised how low key this announcement has been.

Perhaps Universal are distancing themselves from Serenity.
Nah, I don't think so Simon - the movie is just making (or indeed, has made) the transition to the Home Entertainment department (as in, DVDs). They need to start rattling the online market. It's possible the website is getting a redesign for the DVD I suppose. I'm really quite impatient.
Fair enough then.

It'll be a tough fight for the number one slot as 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' is out to buy on the same day.

Click here if you want to see what else comes out that day.

Title: Serenity
Starring: Nathan Fillion
Released: 20th December 2005
SRP: $29.98

Further Details
Universal has officially announced Serenity which stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. This Joss Whedon directed sci-fi will be available to own from the 20th December, priced at around $29.98. The film itself will be presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, along with English and French Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks. Extras will include a feature commentary with writer/director Joss Whedon, a director introduction, deleted scenes, outtakes, a Future History: The Story of Earth That Was featurette, a What's in a Firefly featurette and a Re-Lighting the Firefly featurette. Stay tuned for the official package artwork.
I am not just being a blind fan, but I think this baby is going to explode on the rental market. It had no stars which i think we can agree affected it theatrically, but casual renters will remember the positive word of mouth for it. The Shawshank/Donnie Darko effect.
Hey would you look at that--they don't regurgitate "based on the 'failed' TV series Firefly" in the description. Woo hoo!
Does anyone know when it will be released in the UK?
Blast. This low-key thing seems to be norm since the film opened. No follow-up advertising for the film, now no stirring of the fans for the DVD. (sigh)
ncr - I am asking about. Will post when I know something official.

There is a possibility the film won't be available for rental at a large US rental store unfortunately, due to an on going contract dispute (unrelated to Serenity) between Universal and the company.
...and the good news keeps on coming...
...and the good news keeps on coming...

Originally it was only going be released on Betamax *nods*.
Looks decent enough. Atleast there's a Joss commentary so that's alright and well, all the other juicy extras imaginable just have to wait until the special edition 2 disc DVD set that undoubtably will arrive eventually. All I need now is for Amazon to add it to their site.
Originally it was only going be released on Betamax *nods*.

No doubt to be followed by the 8-track version of the soundtrack and the Two Disc Special Edition on Laserdisc :)
In my experience, most DVD announcements are this low-key (look through This is fine with me, I'm sure it'll become more visible as the date nears.
Perhaps Universal are distancing themselves from Serenity.

There's a shocker.
Remember, it's not like they're gonna throw a parade for a flick that made $20 mil domestically. There's no need to "stir up the fans." We're buying the thing even if the DVD marketing budget is zilch, and the bean counters know that.

Also, I'm not sure we can expect a double-dip on "Serenity." If that's what Universal was planning, I figured this first release would be more of a bare-bones edition (like the first "Sin City" release). But with the mini-docs and the Joss commentary, this disc looks fairly comprehensive.

Of course, never put it past a movie studio to want to milk a product for all it's worth, so I wouldn't be completely shocked if bigger "Serenity" two-disc set was unveiled sometime in the future, but, based on the specs for this release, I would say it's not something that's currently planned.
There is a possibility the film won't be available for rental at a large US rental store unfortunately, due to an on going contract dispute (unrelated to Serenity) between Universal and the company.

OOC, would this be a brick and mortar shop? Yellow lettering, blue background with a 'lackluster' rental policy?

Or an on-line firm that my be saying "nyet" to our flick?

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tinktanker -- LOL, nice dancing around.
Glad it will be available before Christmas, but, *sigh*, what I wouldn't give for a commentary with all nine actors and Joss!!!
I was really looking forward to another Nathan and Alan commentary. Surely Universal can give us more than Joss?
I'll eat my hat if there's not another special edition release.
"Most studios have worked out new payment schedules with Blockbuster to allow the chain to continue buying new releases at competitive studio levels. But one supplier, Universal Home Entertainment, has refused to relax its terms.

As a result, Blockbuster has passed on some recent Universal titles.." (More).

I found out about this as somebody inside Blockbuster emailed me to say Serenity is going to be a bone of contention. How true that is, I don't know.

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Eh, I rent from Blockbuster's competitor, Netflix, anyway.
Yeah. If it comes to pass Netflix will make a fortune :)
Who the hell rents at Blockbuster anyway? They're evil, PURE EVIL, I tell you. I started hating them when they refused to carry NC-17 titles.
I'm sure Blockbuster and the other rentals are being squeezed out. If I really like a movie I'll buy it and if I'm unsure I'll download it. Then if I like it I'll buy it.
Add to that the big retailers selling DVD movies cheap, often only double what it costs to rent it once, plus movies coming to pay TV sooner and sooner then you have to wonder why anyone rents at all?
My local blockbuster doesn't carry Buffy or Angel DVDs.
I'm not at all suprised that the movie didn't do so hot in theaters... however.... I will be SHOCKED, if this doesn't do very well in both rental circuits and in DVD sales... this film is going to have lasting power among both fans and the cult audience who will check this out on DVD.
With the way Firefly DVD box sets are flying off the shelves here in Canada and the fact many people I know simply won't go to the theatre or don't have time but had wanted to see Serenity, I think this release will be a not insubstantial success. You heard it here first! heh, heh.

Betamax and 8-Track? I'm in!

Now, from the fantasy corner: I'm hoping that SE edition will be announced in 6 to 8 months when Universal says the sequel is a go!
Duly noted, Drifter. I hope you are right!

I am a blockbuster online renter, through their program that mimics netflix. Well, they were cheaper! And I have yet to find a title that they don't have. Of course which companies will include Serenity on their rental list are irrelevant to me since I will be buying the movie the very moment it comes out :)
Hey! That cover is what the poster should have looked like!
Hubby upon recently discovering Netflix: "Wait, you mean someone just sends us movies in the mail? And we send it back, free postage, and they send us another one? And we get all the movies we can watch for $10 a month??"

So that's our thing now. He's very excited. But it will be a major bummer if Blockbuster doesn't carry it. Of course, we'll buy it, but get the word out. Wow, this could hurt it a bit, because I think Blockbuster is still the biggest movie rental game out there. For now.
fullscreen and widescreen releases? I think this movie is great in widescreen especially the space battle scene.
Wow, I didn't even notice the cover and menu pics. The menus look cool and all... but the cover makes it look like just another trashy sci-fi pic imo. Not awful, just not good (what's with like the army behinds Mal and Zoe... and why does River look like a completely different character.
I have heard Blockbuster used to be famous for demanding edited versions of films to fit their "family friendly" values, so I could see them not carrying Serenity anyway.
Whats all that yellow stuff behind Mal and Zoe? A army? They should take that out. The rest of the cover is good. Hey..they should put reavers behind them instead.
That's an awful cover. So utterly generic.
Is Firefly shooting at a ship? That's no good!
That... is... terrible. This will be the first time I print out one of my own custom covers as a replacement.
Now, believe it or not I try to put a positive spin on things like this (although you wouldn't know it from my recent bad news posts, but usually I am upbeat about things).

But I can not express in words how much I hate this cover. Seriously. It's generic, it's the wrong direction, it's too much on the canvas... Blergh!
Good Lord. The menus aren't terrible, if not uninspired... but that cover? Not the downplay the DTV releases or anything, but that's what it reminds me of... something you'd see on the $5 shelf. Ugh. Maybe if we complain enough, they'll change it. Isn't that what happened with that first poster?
Summer Glau must be pissed somewhere because of that picture. It doesn't look like her.

The bottom half reaks of Chronicles of Riddick but it's fine with me. Also, isn't The Bourne Identity/Supremacy from Universal because I think it's the same people who designed this DVD cover.

On the spine is a picture of River, wouldn't mind it actually being Serenity the ship.
I've created a new thread for the artwork, a couple of people have already posted it (which I deleted) but I've had a change of heart so apologies to gossi and killnj for that. So we can chat about the artwork in the new thread and carry on chatting about the release date in this one.
Ooooh. MOre menu screens.

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