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November 01 2005

Botenman reports Serenity canceled in Israel. Looking at the amount of responses the article has, it appears to have a fan base there.

This is one of the days that I regret dropping out of Hebrew school.
Yeah... If anybody could translate that'd be great. Apparently it says it's been canceled. Er, obviously.

That page really makes me feel bad. The title is "SERENITY NEVER" and somebody has posted this as their comment. I hope they get the DVD soon.
Well, the second underlined word in blue from the top says "Serenity" . . . what, you want more?

My knowledge extends as far as identifying and naming the individual letters. Actually putting them together to make a word (other than shalom or b'seder is a little beyond me, alas).
Well I know we have a couple of Israeli posters here, maybe they could help out.

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