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November 01 2005

(SPOILER) Some new pictures of Amy Acker on Alias. These are for the episode "Solo" which airs on November 10th. She'll be in "Fait Accompli" on the 17th. Also, WB is showing a repeat of Amy's episode of Supernatural tonight at 9.

Is that a gun or are we just happy to see you Amy?

Heh. Amy Acker really did fall out of a painting, didn't she?
She's wonderful Gossi. I was looking at this picture of her and you can't even tell she was ever pregnant. Whats her secret? Cause I want it.
Once again, gotta voice that I am really enjoying this season of Alias. In additon, I am hearing that Alias season 4 is a lot better on DVD, in the proper order than it was on TV (which is good because, while I enjoyed the second half of the season, most of the early eps with maybe a few exceptions did very little for me.)

I am not in love with the new characters, but the tone of the show seems to be close to the second half of season 2.

Amy Acker needs a larger part though.

In related news, Kirsten on E-Online said that she has heard that ABC is actually quite pleased with the ratings for Alias this season (which falls in line with the comments Frank Spotnitz made about ABC's low expectations for Thursday nights,) which may mean more seasons... supposedly Garner is signed on till season 7, which means that those rumours about being replaced by Rachel Nichols if the show continues were just that... rumours.

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I really do think that season two of Alias was one of the strongest, most compelling season of any show in recent memory. Outside of the Whedonverse of course. But even so, it was very impressive.

I'm working my way through season three and I do think it's a little more depressing, but I don't feel the quality of the show has declined at all, so I'm hoping I will enjoy seasons three and four even though most people reportedly have been disappointed. After all, I am a massive fan of Buffy season six, and liked season four too.
Razor, my own issues with season 3 of Alias (which I quite liked, but didn't love) was that it focused too much of the spy aspect and lost it's focus on the inter-character relationships. The first half of season 4 just seemed unfocused, but I really enjoyed the second half of the year, when a lot of the characters started getting their own storylines.

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