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November 01 2005

Serenity Available to Troops November 11th. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service which provides movie releases to soldiers stationed overseas has added Serenity to its coming attractions.

It may still be several more weeks before it reaches any war zone locations.

I know there's a fair number of Firefly fans serving abroad at the moment, I'm glad they will get a chance to see the movie.
The day after the Marine Corps Birthday! Semper Fi to all our service men and women and especially to my fellow Marines! Enjoy Serenity! :)
Er, they do know the political message in the movie, don't they?
This is great, a lot of 'Firefly' DVDs have been sent over-seas so it is nice to know that the movie will get to the people who are already fans of the show.
>>Er, they do know the political message in the movie, don't they?

That was my first thought. I can see the whole "We're meddlesome" speech not going over too well with some. But then, just think how somehow a right winger can say "Ha, see, Alliance is communism" while a left winger will say "Ha, see, that's how our right wing government is".
I didn't think it would be this soon. If it had done better in theaters, it probably wouldn't have been this soon (sigh). Still, yay for me. I thought I'd have to wait for the DVD release to see it again.
Er, they do know the political message in the movie, don't they?

The government we threw out of Iraq was the "meddlesome" government. Most Iraqis know that, and our troops certainly know the difference. I think Serenity will be well-accepted by the troops.
The Weatherman was just released this weekend and its being sent out to troops the same time as Serenity, so I'm not sure if the success of a film is the deciding factor regarding when the troops get it.
I don't know what AAFES' deal with the movie business is, but there does seem to me to be a correlation between how well they do in the theaters and how soon they're shown by AAFES. I can't give any exact examples, but for instance I think there were about four months between the release of Ep. 3 and when it got here. For most movies, at least, AAFES seems to be the equivalent of a second run house. But they might have different deals with different distributors. I really have no idea.

zz9, Trienco and MissKittysMom, I think the problem with Serenity being accepted by the troops will, like everywhere else, be their never having heard of it. I've gotten nothing but blank looks.
Hopefully we'll have an easier time getting the troops to watch Serenity.

Think about it. You're in Iran. Go outside and get shot at or stay inside and watch Serenity? Hell, even Into The Blue or Doom would get my vote!

I suspect people out there would watch anything from home. More than a few should think "Hey! This is good!"
Ah, zz9, there are no international troops in Iran. I guess you're thinking of Iraq. And where I am on an easy peacekeeping mission, the movie theater sucks and I have much better sound in my room.
Ah, zz9, there are no international troops in Iran.

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