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November 01 2005

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Chosen Collection. Highlights of the new footage on the 144 episode box set. Also, a nice controversial blurb to get our underwear in a wad over.... good times!

I assume Ed has personal knowledge relating to who is featured in the extras and who is not...afterall, nobody would ever be critical of folks without knowing the facts...right?
But at least Nicholas and Charisma showed up.
Xander was always the best part of the show for me anyway.
um...Maybe I've haven't read the right articles, but I think all of the actors mentioned are very proud of their work on BTVS. Who knows why they didn't do the DVD. Maybe they weren't asked. Maybe they were busy that day.. Maybe they didn't get paid for it and preferred to stay home with their families. It doesn't mean they are reluctant to acknowledge their work on Buffy.

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Well, it would have been more fun to have read a review that was actually praising the series and not starting off being critical because some of the stars didn't participate in the commentaries. And isn't everything on it stuff that was on the individual sets? I just see no need to rehash the whole "why didn't they participate" thing. I love hearing what the writers have to say in the commentaries but the actor/actress ones usually aren't that great imo. Well, there are exceptions to that, Nathan and Alan were great in theirs and the one with Joss and Seth was a riot. But mostly I just love hearing the insight behind what we've seen in an episode and what the writer was trying to say or do in a particular scene.

Also, isn't this complete set much cheaper than it cost to buy all the individually priced sets? He described it as a "hefty price". I already own the individual sets but if I had the money to splurge I'd buy this anyway.
So, what on these huge sets is different from the individual sets?
*unwads underwear*
You know, Emma Caulfield contributed, and to my recollection she did not participate in the other DVD sets....
Sorry, if this has already been asked, but does the Chosen Collection have all the commentaries as well? I know it says 'Audio tracks' but I'm not exactly sure what that means.
Yes im pretty sure it does, its basically all seven seasons just like the the individual seasons(so the commentaries too)but with an extra disc, book, letter and cool packaging.
Does anyone know if the box set is going to be normal DVD sized, or if they're going to make it a crappy over-sized box like they did with the Sex and the City box set that came out today? I was really disappointed with how they packaged that. Won't even fit on the shelf with the rest of the movies.
I don't know if it has the other commentaries, because the guy acted like none of the actors contributed and previously, they all did (except Gellar) as far as I know.

I don't think we had seen Emma before either! I would really like to know exactly what's on it. My old set is extremely well used and I could probably use another one.

What? No real outrage on the ridiculous blurb that these actors don't appreciate their former roles? You guys are so hard to figure. ;)

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Also, isn't this complete set much cheaper than it cost to buy all the individually priced sets? He described it as a "hefty price"

Right now their price is still only 169.99. I preordered it through Amazon for $129.99 a while back, which is about what it would cost to replace the 3 seasons my daughter took with her when she moved out, like owning something means you can do whatever you want with it.
Important to me would be the Previously on Buffy's being back in - that would get me to buy the set. But I presume that's not the case.

Hmpf, I would love to see the extra material, but I'm not ready to spend extra money when I already have the originals, however much I love the show.
I don't think the discs are remastered GVH, so no anamorphic on OMWF or previously on.

I just sold off half my Buffy DVDs, wheee.
The discs for the seasons are the exact same ones that have already been released. The only different/bonus material is on the extra disc. All commentaries and extras remain intact. This was a topic over at the other day.
In describing one noteworthy event during production, Noxon places it in the period "just before I ruined season six"

Classic ;)

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