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November 01 2005

Serenity now up for preorder at Amazon. It's 30% off. Makes it 20.99. Let's make this the #1 selling DVD. Go Go Go!

That cover is truly embarassing.
If it doesn't change, I will be printing out Mr. The Dark Shape's cover.
For that cover will never be on my shelf.

But I'll keep it, not throw it away.
As I have a place in my heart for llamas.
I think the cover is far better than the movie poster. What exactly do you dislike about it?

Drat, I just recently placed a pre-order on Amazon (including the Firefly soundtrack)... and it wouldn't let me combine this. I had to delete that order and redo it with this added (I want me some free shipping)

And btw... how come a search for "serenity" on Amazon doesn't turn up the Serenity DVD yet?

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AFF, go to this topic and you'll get hundreds of reasons.
Yes, there's two topics devoted to the horrid dvd art.
Alright, preorder time!

And for the cover: From an artistic standpoint, the movie poster is better. Want to know why?

The movie poster has excellent overlapping, everything is done in a pyramid formation (the easiest way to compose a picture and make it harmonious), everything is in different scales, and the colors are harmonious as well.

The DVD cover is split into an awkward 1/4 composition, very little/awkward overlapping, and the colors aren't very harmonious- actually they're kind of all over the place. The title "SERENITY" is also RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. Which is often a big no no composition wise unless you know what you're doing. (this person doesn't seem too)

I think with a bit of tweaking this could be a decent cover, but I'm not really sure who approved it or what kind of artistic background they have.

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Amazon is making it hard to find this, 'search' doesn't find it, and I asked them to send me an e-mail when it became available for pre-order, which they haven't sent. So thank you for the link batboy, I have my pre-order in now!
Search DVD's for Serenity and sort by Release Date.
man that cover is disgusting. Its really gonna lose sales, if I was in a video store and had no idea about Serenity or Firefly I'd walk right by this crummy cover.Looks incredibely cheap and whats with the mass 1000's of zombies?

I hope they change this cover before its released.
Ok ok... you all are right. I was so excited to see the DVD I didn't even really look beyond that. That cover art is hideous. And what's with Serenity shooting lasers?
I have to agree on the disappointing cover art. It looks nothing like River or who River is personality wise. I would have much preferred something like River in the lab, strapped in with probes going into her head where it is obvious some weird experimentation is going on and then maybe a smaller shot of Mal and the Operative battling it out somewhere.

And people need to start writing some reviews! Only one person has reviewed it so far and he gave it a lousy three stars!!
This vaguely makes me think of box art for Atari 2600 games from the 80's.
My holiday shopping is now finished.
I just pre-ordered and they said they would ship on Jan 5th, and I wouldn't get it until Jan 13th! Is that what other people are being told by Amazon? Because that won't be any help for Christmas!
My only real objection to the cover art is that Summer's eyes are brown.

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Gee the cover art is a really hot topic! I wish there was some way to merge all three threads. I'm getting a bit boggled as to whom said what where.

We all seem to be passionate about this subject, and pretty much in accord as well. This brings to mind the horrible design of puppet Angel. We all freaked out and wrote emails and they responded (not to my satisfaction, I won't buy the thing, it still looks nothing like the one on the show), but they heard us. I wonder if a big enough uproar will have an effect here as well.

It couldn't hoit.
I did the "Super Saving" shipping and I believe mine said it would be around Jan 10th (I even tried the quicker shipping and it was about the same). My plan is to print up a picture of the DVD and wrap that so my family knows it is coming!

But, you never know, Amazon is just giving an estimate and in the past, I've gotten things earlier than the estimated date. I wasn't supposed to receive the Visual Companion Guide until after the movie premiered yet I got it the week before and the last Harry Potter book I got delivered on it's release date even though I did the "Super saver" shipping for both of those items too. Amazon might make a push to get all their pre-Christmas orders out but don't want to guarantee anything.

I just wrote my review and gave it 5 stars - probably won't show up until tomorrow. I skimmed that review that gave it three stars and don't know why he did that. It seems like it was more a dig at Universal because he thinks they'll be releasing other versions later to get more money. His review seemed to really like the movie.
$21 for a 90 minute movie?

No. Damn it, no.

As some Whedonesquers may have noted, I've not been shy about shelling out for Buffy/Angel/Firefly merchandise. My wife says I should have a spreadsheet for all the DVDs I've bought and sent out as loaners.

But even the discount rate for a single movie is ridiculously high. I know it's the going rate, but that doesn't mean I'll pay it.
(Deleted for the dreaded inadvertent double postage.)

[ edited by Chris inVirginia on 2005-11-02 05:56 ]
Serenity is not a 90-minute movie, it's a 2-hour movie.
Oh man.
Why is there only the one critic thing on there also. Here I was thinking it was only just the UK one, but now it's on Amazon.

Oh I really really hope Mca (Universal) pay attention to us
Okay, sorry about the time error, theonetrubix...does not (for me) negate the ludicrous pricing. It's way to much, and I say that as one who's shelled out a pretty penny for this stuff. Just a disgusting price, is my take.
Wow Chris. I thought that was a good price for a DVD. I just looked up Stealth and saw it was going for $16.98.
So I see your point. One way or another I'll be buying it.
Yeah. One critic quote and it is not two thumbs up, it is not the NY Times, etc. It is a good paper, but they have got great stuff to work with and they just aren't! ( so many ways)
Personally, I don't think that price is that outrageous. If that extra two or three bucks helps us get a sequel then I'll gladly pay it. I saw the movie at the theater - twice - with my husband and kids and you add up eight tickets and popcorn and soda paying $20 for the dvd is a bargain! And I know a lot of Browncoats saw it a whole bunch of times. It just seems to me the dvd is a bargain compared to theaters with their overpriced popcorn and soda and rude audience members.

I wouldn't be surprised if DVD prices do start to rise with the weak Box Office and movies not bringing in the crowds like they used to.

[ edited by Firefly Flanatic on 2005-11-02 06:39 ]
The DVD was just announced expect it go down a bit like $15.99. Star Wars EIIIis selling that low, I think even $14.99. Even the Buffy The Chosen Collection went down $10 since it's announcement.
Chris in Virginia makes a fair point. That's a rather steep price for a single-disc movie. Even the deluxe collector's edition 2-disc movies on the best seller list at Amazon are going for ca. $19.98. I assume that in the end we'll be paying less than the current listed price - it seems like it really should go down to be on par with most other movies. I will shell out the dough regardless, but really, CiV is right.

Amazon is indeed making it hard to find Serenity via a search. What's with the gobbledygook letter combinations after the title in the listing?
The price is most likely to go down as others have mentioned. It's still a ways off from being released so if you can find it somewhere cheaper when it is available just cancel the Amazon order. I may do that just so I can get it before Christmas anyway. Amazon is very good about adjusting the price if the price goes down. I've pre-ordered before at one price and have been refunded the money if the price went down by the time the movie or book was actually released.
Phlebotinin, WS=Widescreen, Dub=Dubbed, Sub=Subtitles, Ac3=? and Dol=Dolby surround sound would be my guesses.
Phlebotinin, WS=Widescreen, Dub=Dubbed, Sub=Subtitles, Ac3=? and Dol=Dolby surround sound would be my guesses.
And here I was thinking that whoever keyed it into Amazon's system must have been distracted by the end scene of Return of the Jedi playing on a television nearby - who else loves the "Nub Nub" song?
Personally, I'm not going to shell out anything until this cover situation is ironed out so at the very least it's not a visual slander against Summer Glau.

$ are the only language studios understand.
Ac3 is a sound format.

We get a lot of those dvd details as automated release lists from a third party. Search issues should be fixed soon thanks to relevance rankings.
The reason you guys get January 10th when you order on is because its christmas time. Mail is going to be slower. Probably would be better to buy it in a store if you intend on getting it as a christmas gift.
I suggest buying it from Best Buy. They usually have those first week sale thing. It would probably be $14.99.
So.. they wait nearly 3 weeks from its release to mail it? That is insane troll logic. Especially since you'd think they'd be working even HARDER to get it out before Christmas.
Actually, it depends on what shipping level you nominate, or whether you have Amazon Prime. During normal periods, super saver will get out reasonably, but during peak, there is so much demand in the warehouses, and in the parcel delivery system. The other reason could be that there is no inventory, and no planned inventory, so the system would make an estimate for shipping based purely on historical data, or on some wacky estimate from the publisher. So basically, until it gets closer, that estimate is not reliable, same with the cost.
Hey Mort. Haven't seen you for a while!
Best Buy already has it listed for $19.99, and I'm sure they'll be doing their usual "New This Week at Best Buy" special of $14.99. You can pre-order it now at and either have it shipped or you can pick it up at your local store. And no, I don't work for Best Buy. But seeing as so many of us have already spent un-godly amounts of money going to theaters to see it, I figure we can all use a break!
I suspect the amazon release/ship dates are incorrect. Though the DVD may be in the mail a couple of days longer due to Christmas, that shouldn't affect their ship date which is normally two days before release. BTW, DVD Planet is showing the same price though it isn't available for preorder as of yet.
Maybe they're saving the movie poster cover for next year's re-release that Joss mentioned? listed Serenity as a UMD release too. I know two people who would buy the UMD instead of the DVD. They will definitely buy it. PSP owners buy around 50% of UMDs and 50% Video Games. I hope it will do well on UMD/PSP.
Hey nixy :)

I don't get the whole buying on UMD thing. I have a PSP and with PSPWare it only takes less than half an hour to get my dvds on to a memory stick. Easy peasy.
I like TheDarkShape's pic for the cover too. But if they don't change the art for the cover of the DVD before Amazon ships it, I'm printing out JustNick's llama. Which has a thumbs up comment from Bert and Ernie. That's my decision and I'm stickin' to it! (Can't stop laughing about that, JustNick!)
I'm thinking Joss will get a laugh out of the llama too.

As I understand it, in the PSP, if you have a video on your memorystick it doesn't play in full resolution (480x292 ?). As in the video is pixelated etc. Sony explains it as protecting their UMD movies.
Looks fine to me. I use it all the time. Gotta remember, that screen is tiny, so limited resolutions thrive on it.

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