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November 02 2005

Serenity dropped from theatrical release in Finland? All information concerning Serenity has vanished from the distributor's website. It was scheduled for December 2nd release on 25 screens.

That was one of these "Don't click on it because everything will be in a very foreign language"-links, and I fell for it again ... ~sigh~ Nice pictures on the site, though.
Well, I've recently seen movie trailers here in Italy, so Serenity should open at the end of November.
I just wonder about the number of screens involved.
Zamm - nearly all areas (including Israel, announced yesterday as dropped) had trailers in theatres and posters. Israel already had the film language dubbed as well.
Mmmm, gossi, you're so good at cheering people up... :D
I think I have turned into Marvin the depressed robot today.. (Although, I am actually quite happy today in general - but you wouldn't know that from my posts!).
Yeah, there was a confirmation on the BC boards on this. It said in Finnish that the distribution had decided to release Serenity straight on video here. Sucks to be us...
I'm kind of in the same frame of mind Gossi. I've been a bit more short and sort of straight to the point with some of the posts over at SenOz, as opposed to my usual waffle.

Life, don't talk to me about life!
Just spoke to the distributor - they have pulled it.

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We're still on for December 2nd here in Norway. (Phew!)
To all Finland fans: you can come to Estonia to see this (release date November 18th). Some key persons in our local distribution chain are also Firefly fans, so it's unlikely it will be dropped here.
Argh. AT, after all that fending off of spoilers when the movie opened in the US and the Browncoats chat was invaded by new people, and we told them they couldn't because it hadn't opened in Finland yet. Suck.
We're still on for December 2nd here in Norway. (Phew!)

I'm still not feeling too secure about this. But I guess if it hasn't been dropped within a week, it's a go.
Mexico was dropped a week before release.. I think if you get to release week, you'll be okay. The decisions to drop the movie in locations is apparently being made higher up the chain of management. Apparently.
Well, to be honest, I was pretty much sure this would happen, when the ratings in the US weren't quite what were expected.

Joss isn't really well known here, and Buffy is by large considered to be something of a Beverly Hills 90210 with vampires (don't hit me) thanks to local TV stations branding it as a such. I believe they were counting on off-shore box office success to peak viewer interest and give some buzz.

Doesn't make it suck any less :/. I guess it's a trip to Tallinn in few weeks.
I did a short research on the web about Serenity in Italy. Some site still keep saying that Serenity will be released 25 november. Perhaps we have still hope.
This is so aggravating...give it a chance for Whedon's sake!
rua1412, yes, Serenity is officially still being released here in Italy on November 25. And I think that as long as it's on we can be sure it'll open. The moment it should disappear from there... where... it'd suck. Let's hope it won't happen. In the meanwhile I'm feeling very sorry for Finland and Israel (and Mexico, and Brasil, and Argentina...)
The official Serenity site for Italy says it is out October 28th...
gossi, yes, October 28 was to be the release date here at first, but then it was moved to November 25 about 3 weeks ago. I think that that official site wasn't updated just because... it's "difficult", you know... the date is inside an image :). My guess is that they don't have anybody able to change an image. On the uip site it says November 25 and I've had some confirmation from uip Italy itself that it had been moved (even though they never said why). They're starting showing trailers and placing posters in theaters right now.
Ah, cool. Maybe we should donate Photoshop to them ;)
Crap. Buena Vista International Finland (the actual Finnish distributor) has dropped Serenity from its website. So that means that it really is out.

Stupid Finns. I am ashamed of my people.

Need to email BV Finland, just to make sure. They were so nice the last time I talked to them about the once-late opening date. Honestly, I prefered late to now-non-existent.
In Sweden it finally is posted at one of the two major chains, in 5 cities, november 25. It has a very good introduction to the film and the characters, apart from a hilarious mistake: Jayne is identified as a Merchant! here in swedish I will try a translation if someone is interested..

I have been SO worried by all the cancellations around the world, but now I can finally believe it may actually happen.

It will, it will, it will...

(first linkage, hope its working)

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Wait, what, seriously, DISNEY is distributing Serenity here in Scandinavia?
Huh? No UIP is. ( Or have I missed a joke again?)

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I don't know about other Scandinavian countries, but there is no UIP in Finland. Here, it's Buena Vista International Finland that was supposed to distribute Serenity. Alas, no more.

Oh, wait. I do know now. Finland and Island don't have UIP. The rest do.

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