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November 02 2005

(SPOILER) Mars Hill - A Church Review of Serenity. Pastor James gives a brief teaser into Serenity. Orson Scott Card has said, "I'm not going to say it's the best science fiction movie, ever. Oh, wait. Yes I am."

I thought this was an interesting little podcast/review I came across. He has some odd things to say about Buffy and Angel too.

People say westerns are dead. No, they've just relocated to a galaxy far far away.

I loved that quote. Not a bad listen too, thanx Mort for the link.
Neat. I have friends that go to this church.
Nice review, but what the hell was he going on about during the last 2-3 minutes? The reviewer's focus/scope/point of interest became extremely slanted towards the end.
Well, it is a Pastor speaking from a strong Christian stand point. His beliefs about God are very defined, he wasn't saying it's bad, he was saying having no faith is not the same as having faith. Or something to that effect.

Thanx again Mort. Actually funnily enough, I had this whole thing I had written down about Mort today that I was trying to post, but then my pc, had a spak!
It was all about how I like totally dissed him at the Q&A, cause I was all hopped up on the meds.

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Only the first 3 seasons of Buffy were good? Pfftt! Nathan Fillion doesn't have the charisma of Harrison Ford? Ok, that may be his opinion, but personally I like him better than Ford.

Toward the end he was pointing out that the movie seemed to be saying that you should have faith in *something* and the pastor was pointing out that simply having faith in anything isn't good enough - what you faith in has to have truth; it has to be the right thing. After all, the Operative had faith, but it was in the wrong thing. So, his criticism was that the message of having faith in something was not handled well.
Nixygirl hopped up was quite funny, but I daresay it was meds + excitement at meeting Mr Whedon himself! My Aussie trip was fun... just bummed that Joss and I weren't on the same plane (could have shared a taxi!)
I still have photos that I must get to you somehow! Message me in Flickr! I wish we could have got to hang some more, I was exhausted that day. Just walking up and down the aisle with ppl yelling out to me left...well just left, it would depend on which way I was walking! ;)
We made a nice little doco tho. So that was fun.

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