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November 03 2005

'Prison Break' to take extended break from tv schedule. The series "Prison Break", in which ME alum Marti Noxon is a consulting producer, will go on break until May after its November 28th episode to make room for "24" where David Fury has taken up residence as one of the writers.

That is absolutely horrible!!
My jaw dropped when I read this. I had major withdrawl symptoms after the few weeks of haitus in October! Agh! Those sadistic bastards!

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Wait, what does the article mean about Arrested Development being "knocked off the air by January?" Has anyone heard anything else on this?
You guys didn't know about this? I remember scratching my head at the Fox schedule when they showed both hours of the Monday lineup would be usurped by 24 and House.

And I'm finally hooked on Prison Break. Good show.(I still wanna know how this is gonna last more than a season though, its premise is more limited than Lost's appeared to be. What do you do when they break out and if they don't get out, how frustrating will it become?)

Pricnesscupcake, 24 returns in January in the 9 pm slot and House will be its lead-in. Then American Idol will be on Tuesdays followed by Bones at 9.

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They can't be serious! This is insane. In what twisted universe is this a smart move. That settles was has been the popular stance for so long now, the FOX network is evil.
What do you do when they break out...

According to what I've heard, eddy, the next season is supposed to be them as fugitives. Not 100% sure if this is true, but it's what I hear.

And I'm quite upset about this news as well, I LOVE Prison Break.
I'm really surprised that Fox would do this to a critically acclaimed, fan favourite show that someone from Mutant Enemy was involved with.

Oh who I am kidding?
Its not like its going off the air forever. It'll be back on. Some people complain about Lost having constant re-runs throughout the season and say the networks should take a lesson from the cable networks. Well, isn't this what Sci-Fi Channel does with Battlestar Gallatica? Splits the season in half?
I agree Simon. It's like they have an entire list of all employees at Mutant Enemy and they're just going to try and destroy every single one of them. It breaks my heart.
I was under the impression that Prison Break (which I too love) was one of this season's (pardon the pun) break-out hits! How does it make sense to take a break-out hit off the air for that long?

I am simultaeously horrified and befuddled.

On a side note, I have been convinced that Wentworth Miller was destined to be a star ever since I saw him in Go Fish. The ep may have been questionable but he had a really great screen presence in it.
I read this in Kristen's latest chat and it really pisses me off. Isn't this show struggling in the ratings department? Isn't this the exact opposite of what they should be doing? I wish none of my favorite shows were on Fox. They have a habit of killing them off.
Wow, Prison Break has actually been very good, and this is just idiotic. The Arrested Development thing though.... that's even worse.
They're not killing it anymore than HBO does by having 2 year breaks with The Sopranos.

Look at this May 19th, 2005 Futon Critic link. Its always been the plan for Mondays. Not a slight against the show. And it isn't struggling for ratings. It does about 9 million a week which is good considering where its at.

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I wonder how this fanbase would have felt if right after Buffy slept with Angel on Buffy Season 2, the show took a haitus until the Summer. Sure it's coming back, but it's still both not showing a huge amount of faith in the show, and not really respecting it's following imo.

Added Note - I know it's an extreme example lol, but it struck me as the most effective one.

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Arrested Development knocked off? Are they nuts?
But that was Buffy's 2nd season. If we're to compare it with Buffy season 1, its the season ending half way through 22. At #13 ;) Also Prison Break hasn't been following a normal schedule. It debuted in August(much Like OC season 1 which had, what 29 episodes that year?)
Actually, half way through Buffy season one would be at #6, since there were only twelve. ;)
I thought Fox was doing a different thing with some of their series, starting seasons at different times, showing all 24 eps of 24 without a break...

Sure it isn't just something like that? When 24 is on, Prison Break, isn't and vice-versa? I personally like watching 24 knowing there won't be gaps or re-runs. At least, that's what I sort of got from the article. I admit it's odd to show half the season now, and the other half later, but maybe they didn't really expect PB to do well so hadn't planned on more than 13 eps to start.
No more Arrested Development? that's BS. I hope they decide to show the rest like Prison Break. I also like Prison Break but where do they go from here
24's hiatus from May to January is not exactly short either. I hope David Fury is gonna do some magic on that show, the last season was just bad. And yes, they start 24 in January in order not to have any breaks. In season 2 and 3 it was interrupted a few times by unpleasant things like the president addressing the nation :)
I don't know Prison Break, but if it's successful I don't quite understand why they can't have both shows on the air.
Probably because they know that financially, both shows will bring in numbers and later on somewhat to when 24 is near ending, they'll still have Prison Break going on longer for ratings... oh, I don't know! I can't even understand the "logical" decisions made by these people.
I wonder how this fanbase would have felt if right after Buffy slept with Angel on Buffy Season 2, the show took a haitus until the Summer.

Ahh that is just about what they did in New Zealand. But this was back in 1998 before I discovered the interweb and for all I knew TV3 just decided not to get any more episodes of Buffy. (thankfully, they did get around to playing the rest of them - drip feeding over the years!)
But back to what really matters. . . Arrested Development? No way. I refuse to believe it. And if it gets cancelled, might I be the first to invite the cast to my living room to finish out the season? I'll make popcorn.

Edit: You know what. That's it. I'm calling my attorney, Bob Loblaw.

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