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November 03 2005

SFX Magazine's Firefly wallpaper. Take a break and have a look at this rather cool pic of Morena Baccarin, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau.

Bang! You're dead. I love the poses of Nathan and Summer holding up the guns to the screen. Very nice.
Hmmm.. the guy who lighted Morena should be dragged out in the street and done something unpleasant to. With the Dark Circles o' ShadowsŪ underneath her eyes, it looks like she's on drugs. It's not Morena's fault; she's a fantabulously-looking girl, but the lighting on that picture was all wrong.
Great photo. Nathan looks lovely (as always!)
Morena looks about 12..
Nice toy guns! Summer looks so mischevious :)
Yeah great picture of Nathan and Summer...Not so great a picture of Morena (she's holding a toy gun as well?).
You can really tell that this is not River, Inara and Mal, though. it's definitely the actors and not the characters, and it's not just because of the clothes.
My first thing I did upon seeing this was laugh. Morena, Nathan, Summer and SFX Mag sure have a sense of humour! Those goofy water pistols, casual clothes and also Morena (who's hardly the action hero in any of Firefly/Serenity) in what looks like an upclose Dirty Harry pose! I can just imagine her laying down the line "I know what you're thinking punk...."
Morena looks purty. And the red capped guns are funny.
Gossi that was my first reaction as well. She's still purty though!
Nathan looks hot...
Nathan always looks hot!!
Anyone know where to find the other photos from this photoshoot?
Heh, cool!

And on a sidenote: my Serenity letter got published in the new SFX. Yay! :-D
I enjoy the stubble look on Nathan. I enjoy the mischievous smile on Morena too!
Gahh...hate to be the party pooper...

But I don't like it.

*hides in closet*
I wanna know where the frickin lasers are???
Heh heh, that's cute!

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