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November 03 2005

Australians must wait for Serenity DVD. According to, the Australian Serenity DVD will be out on the 8th of February. Whether it will include the Sydney Joss Q+A recording is unknown.

This is in line with a February timeframe revealed at the Sydney Q+A. Also note that the Sydney Joss Whedon Q+A was recorded for 'a' dvd. So this means it will either be on the aforementioned Australian release, a future international special edition, or both.

I found the link through the Aussie browncoats forum:
Link to discussion

If they go and put features on different regions then looks like I'm going to finally spring for that multi region player.
See, I knew about this yesterday and totally didn't even think about posting it over here. I'm a bad Whedonesquer.
If the Sydney Q+A was anything like the Melbourne one, which was held the next day and I was lucky enough to attend, it will be great. And if it only appears on the Australian DVD (I have no idea how likely this is), it will definitely be worth chasing down.

The Melbourne Q+A went for an hour and as we were allowed to use recording devices a complete transcript and mp3s have appeared online. But at the Sydney one, I hear electronic devices weren't allowed (due to an official recording taking place). So it will be interesting to see the whole thing (well, the stuff that they don't edit out). I wonder if they'll keep the lone heckler?
Well, I kinda hope they edit out my qustion. I was not looking my best, and the thought of it being on a DVD, Oh dear. I also did record some mp3's of that Q&A. Which have been up here and mirrored all over. There was definately a lot of fun happening that night.
But wasn't the Sydney one with the bloke who was threatening legal acting if his mug got put on film?
Yes, that is true. That fella has since decided that his actions were a little reactionary. Well, at least that's what I believe. I don't think he persued it much further than the initial fax sent. May I add, he was being spurred on by a disgruntled former UIP worker. What he has since worked out between him and Uni, well I don't know. I've no doubt they would have dealt with this matter if it was considered series.

ETA: Just had to fix a mistake.

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Why didn't he want to be put on film? Acne? :)
Who knows? I think it was more annoyance at the waiver. Anyway, I can't speak for him. I don't know the guy other than a few postings to each other.
eddy check to see if your current DVD player has a multi-region hack :).

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