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February 22 2003

(SPOILER) Eight images from BtVS S7x16 'Storyteller' at Comics Continuum. One of these pics you might find interesting.

Does anyone wonder where Mutant Enemy are going with the Willow/Kennedy plot line and out of interest how do Tara fans feel about it?

Dawn showing some cleavage caught me off-guard! Yowsa!

On a more serious note, are we going to experience deja vu with Willow/Kennedy possibly going the way of Willow/Tara (i.e. Kennedy dying at the hands of The First, setting Willow off)?
I feel like a cradle snatcher saying this but Tom Lenk's roolly pretty. He'd have gone well with the other boys in LOTR. Also... Emma C. So beautiful.
Although some were critical of Tara for being overly meek and subdued, I was a fan of hers from the beginning, and really admired her level of maturity and understanding. Needless to say, I have yet to warm up to Kennedy....but I haven't lost hope! Just my 2 cents:)
As for the Kennedy/Willow thing and how Tara fans might take it, I consider myself a big Tara fan but I'm very cool with how things went down. Joss Whedon was gonna kill her off anyway eventually and I think he picked a good dramatic moment.

As for Kennedy, it's one of two things: either Kennedy is still an SIT and if that's the case she has to die - cuz all the SITs have to die by the end of the season. Part of what the series is leading to is the at least half a century END of the Slayer line (as predicted in the comic book series Fray). In order to accomplish that, all the SITs have to kick the bucket, one way or the other.

Or there's something else going on there. When Willow pulled energies from Kennedy and Anya to open the portal, it was because those two were the strongest in the room. Why would Kennedy be as strong if not stronger than Anya, mystically speaking, when Kennedy doesn't even do magic, and has never so far as we know been a demon or anything like that? She may be a potential, but she may not be a potential slayer. There's a power in her of some sort but it's not necessarily a dormancy of Slayer energies. It could be something else. If THAT's the case, then Kennedy could be around for season eight, but we've only got seven episodes for them to explain why. She could also turn out to be the betrayer, because almost every season of Buffy has at least one big betrayal character. S.2 was Jenny. S.3 was Faith. S.4 was Spike. S.5 was Ben. S.6 was Willow. So S.7 could be Kennedy. Although it's actually looking like Principal Wood's gonna turn out to be the betrayer. He's actually got many similarities to Jenny in my eyes. What with the secret past and the hidden agenda to take out the Souled Vampire.

However, back on topic, I'm also thinking Willow's not exactly in love with Kennedy quite the same way as she was in love with Oz and Tara. Kennedy's offered. She's there. Willow's still rebounding. It's not that Willow's using Kennedy. It's kind of a mutual interest that perhaps would have a chance if it weren't for all these other variables. Willow's just perpetually confused. She loved a guy and he turned into a werewolf. She loved this girl and now she's dead. Kennedy's there now (not a werewolf or dead) and Willow's getting whiplash romantically speaking. She's probably just not thinking things through clearly. I don't really see the Kennedy/Willow thing going anywhere substantial, so there's no "threat" there, speaking as a Tara fan. To Willow, Kennedy's a teddy bear who's already in her bed, so she didn't see any harm in cuddling with her, but there's no real future there.

I don't personally take the Kennedy/Willow thing as any kind of affront to Willow's love for Tara. In fact the whole episode where Willow turned into Warren pretty much clinched that. Willow must let go of Tara to a degree in order to move forward. It's all part of the mourning/healing process. She doesn't love Tara any less. She's not transferring her love for Tara to Kennedy. It's a whole different kinda thing happening and from Kennedy's perspective it's obviously the whole Sweet Outer Coating and Mysterious Choclately Center that Kennedy sees when she looks at Willow. This latest episode has made Kennedy realize that she thought when she saw Willow's dark side it was gonna be exciting, but all it did was hurt her. So Kennedy's "love" for Willow was more of a fantastical infatuation.
you know, i liked tara, as a character, and i thought it was pretty appropriate that she died in such a real way. she was always the closest to any actual person that i know.

i don't much like this kennedy girly. talk about cradle snatching. willow is seven years older than her! that's a little creepy.

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