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"See, get it? That's the point Joss. It's compelling! What's going to happen to these kids?"
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November 04 2005

Details about Tom Lenk's new play 'Strangely Attractive'. Pics of him in his new role possibly not safe for work. IMDB has Tom listed for a guest stint in 'House M.D.' on November 15th.


Heh, safe enough for my work.
Looks like a fun play :)
They are Y-frontastic.
Huh, who knew the boy was defined ... muscularly.
Oh wow, that guy really does not take himself seriously, and good for him. You people who live in L.A. are so lucky to get to see these plays.
Oh my, Those are some crazy pics! It's always nice to have a good laugh when you're still wearing eye crusties. :-)
omg. See, I clicked before reading "not safe for work" and promptly burst out laughing.

Whatever happened to the movies Tom has been in? Like, Window Theory? It seems like I hear of projects of his and then they just... fade away. I think he's tremendously funny, and I'm TRYING to be an avid fan, here.

It's very hard not living in LA.
Our little Andrew is all grown up.

I understand that Tom really enjoys the plays and this one looks quite fun. Go Tom!
This is a five minute drive from my apartment. If I'm not crazy busy with work, I just might check it out.
If it's anything like "Will you be my Special Friend?, you're in for a treat! Tom Lenk has that raw comical talent that so many actors strive for. Pure genius!
Tom Lenk is one of the best comic actors out there, IMO. I wish he could go on tour, or perform in other cities beside L.A. Long shot I guess, but more people would get to see him perform, before he gets super-famous and hits Broadway with his one-man show or Joss Whedon-directed musical! :) (Does Tom Lenk sing?) I think his style of humor would also fit in perfectly in a Christopher Guest-type movie.
I think his style of humor would also fit in perfectly in a Christopher Guest-type movie.

Yes, he himself strives for Guestian humor, so he said in the DVD commentary for "Storyteller" in which he says he tried hard to pay tribute to "Waiting for Guffman". I also think that since "Arrested Development" is so very Guestian, Tom should guest star on that show.

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