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November 04 2005

(SPOILER) An afterlife for Tara. Amber Benson finds a new calling as co-author of the horror series, "Ghost of Albion: Accursed", the first full-length novel in a new series from Christopher Golden.

Basic details of the characters and story direction.

So is this a graphic novel? Wasn't the online version?
There's a whole series of them. The first bunch were online in animated form and now they are set in novels (I think).
Interesting, Lionness, I didn't realize there was an online version. I'll have to hunt that down. Yes, this is the novel of the series. Here's a little more info.

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Yup, novels! Chris Golden and Amber are doing a bunch of signings to promote the books too! Check it out at - there are a bunch of promotions running, as well, for those who can't go to get their books signed live and in person! :-)

(Yes, I am helping pimp the book; why do you ask? ;-)
It is a BBC production and here is what must be the latest. Or last?
Ahh, thank you, Lioness:)
Taraholics? Amberholics!
I just found out (not sure if this is for real or not) that Amber just spent the last 6 months in the same city as me (Champaign-Urbana, IL) shooting a film. How I did not know this is beyond me. Does anyone know if this could possibly be true? Just to fill you in, I live in a fairly small college town, so this news was a little surprising.

Back on topic...looking forward to the book!

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