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November 04 2005

People Magazine speaks to Charisma Carpenter. Nice interview with her which covers Veronica Mars, the Playboy photo shoot, her Buffy chums and how she balances her career and family.

Charisma is one of those celebrities I know I would just gush over and say something stupid too if I ever met her. She just always sounds so wonderful.
"But I text message Nicky all the time" Awwwww, Isn't that cute? That was a nice little interview.
Gods, I love her, I do. She seems so down-to-earth and so incredibly sweet!
Nice little fluff interview, but what's with the nary a mention of Angel the Series? It's as if she were never in it, only Buffy. Odd. I, too, loved the text messaging with Nicky bit.
..and WHO picked THAT photo of her???
Nise interview though.
Phlebotinin, I too got stuck in the beginning on the lack of Angel mention. But otherwise, a nice little interview.

And, I KNEW they must film in San Diego! I work in La Jolla, and a few weeks ago I saw these purposefully vague signs that said V MARS in black and yellow with an arrow pointing up the street I work on. I should have investigated! I bet they were filming at Torrey Pines. Next time, I will check it out!
Nice interview, lets not read anything into it. I've forgotten she recently had her child before the Playboy shoot, she must've worked her tail off (no pun intended) for she looked fantastic. Not that I look at playboy, of course. That issue kinda' fell off the rack...and the plastic somehow got ripped off in the fall. I was merely putting it back to prevent a tripping hazard. Yeah, that's the story.
Yeah, sure Madhatter! ;)

Well I looked at her layout. I tell ya, that young woman has one of the prettiest figures I've ever seen. I think it was personally empowering for her to do that so soon after having her baby. She wanted to remind everyone that she wasn't the chubby-cheeked, big-bellied girl on Angel any more. Who can blame her?
I looked at her layout, too, but hello, gay now. She certainly looked like Cordy in her prime in "You're Welcome" so she must have worked her butt off, literally. 50 pounds during preganancy? That's a lot!

Whether the Playboy thing is a good career move is an individual assessment. She's happy with it, and that's what matters.

Nice interview!
I think it's great that she tries to keep up with the careers of the other actors even if their lives are too busy to do much socializing.

I hope any youth-obsessed Hollywood types who think actresses should look like frail, worn out stick figures saw her "bikini ready" scene on VM. She may be a mom and over thirty (oh,the shock! oh,the horror!) but she looked very fit and curvy and healthy. Take that, all you lollipops!
Speaking as someone who has been a "lollipop" all her life I am happy to see "real" women in the media, in ALL their shapes and sizes - as long as it includes "real" skinny women as well. I get personal comments made by total strangers about my body all the time. It hurts just as much as the "fat" jokes folks.
LMAO- I loved her comment about being shocked by the nursery school bill. Ain't it the truth? She's perfect as Kendall- I'm enjoying this so much more than her brief stint on Charmed.
I can believe that she feels uncomfortable in love scenes. I thought the love scene on Angel when he turns back into Angelus looked awkward for her but I figured it was more because she was very far along in a real life pregnancy at the time but maybe not. I saw her on the Jimmy Kimmel show a few years ago when she did some tv movie that I can't remember the name of and she seemed so shy and overwhelmed. He was not a good host at all and talked very loudly and kept interrupting her and it seemed after awhile she just kind of gave up on trying to talk. I felt so bad for her. I think she always comes across as very sweet and quite in her interviews and is such a contrast to the characters she is always cast to play. I've been enjoying her character on VMs.

As for the lack of mention of "Angel", well, I think a lot of people, including myself, feel that "Angel" is a part of the Buffyverse but considering that she was more of a key character on "Angel" than she was on "BtVS" it would be nice if articles reflected that and honored it by acknowledging her time spent on that show.
She wanted to remind everyone that she wasn't the chubby-cheeked, big-bellied girl on Angel any more. Who can blame her?

Have to admit, even when she was pregnant, I thought she looked pretty fantastic.

It's nice to see that the Scooby Gang still keep up with one another, although I've noticed that Sarah's name is conspicuously missing. I'd really like to hear if they still keep in contact, because the onscreen camraderie and friendships between both the Buffy and Angel gang seemed so genuine.

I really thought Charisma worked extremely well with the writers to make Cordelia such an unexpectedly interesting character, so I'd like to see what else she can do, as she is often accused of only being able to "do" Cordelia, with her stint in Charmed and Veronica Mars, which from what I hear is basically classic Buffy-era Cordy.
redfern--I’m sorry if my comment was hurtful to your feelings. I apologize. I was remarking on how I wish actresses who are not naturally thin wouldn’t have to feel pressured into forcing their bodies into a certain shape that the powers that be dictate. So much depends on 'type' and appearance in film and television for the men and women, but it's unfortunate that the women aren't allowed to come in more shapes and sizes.
She's a gorgeous woman and the article has some interesting insights into where she's at today, but really, that picture doesn't do her justice.

Whatchoo wanna bet the party Aly invited her to is a showing of Joss's episode at her and Alexis' place next week? ;)

Also, does anyone know if this is the episode where ?
Sarah keeps in contact with Nick and Michelle, razor. Wiseblood I think .

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Sarah keeps in contact with Nick and Michelle

Nick I didn't know. But certainly Michelle and, FWIW, with ASH and Seth as well. And James and David continue to say nice things about her. And, obviously, she and I have coffee all the time, don'tcha know.
I noticed the lack of Angel reference too. I took me a minute to figure out what wasn't gelling. It was when I was trying to figure out who she was talking about when she said, "three of us have kids," and all I could think of was ASH until I thought of DB and AA. I guess perhaps the reference was to the Buffyverse and not the specific show. But a nice little piece nonetheless.
It's not surprising that she mentioned AH. I mean, they did just work together again a couple of weeks ago. It's good that she and Nick are still in contact though.
More than likely the interview was cut for space.
I think she was absolutely adorable when she was chubby cheeked and big bellied, but I totally get why she wanted to work to get the old figure (or something like it) back. She was cute on "Miss Match" as well, with a few extra pounds, but (and though even now I doubt she'd fit into Cordelia's Hallowe'en cat-suit again) as Kendal Casablancas she is breathtaking. She definitely looks like a woman, not a girl.
I appreciated her answers about the difficulties of sex scenes.
But, I don't think Kendal is like Cordelia at all. Cordelia wasn't a cheating deceptive self-centered vixen, she was a completely honest self-respecting self-centered vixen. There's a big difference.
Loved the interview! What a doll!
That's a very succinct and articulate description of the differences between the two characters, Anna.

When did she recently work with Tony Head?

Anybody know anything about when FLIRTING WITH DANGER will air?

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I think Impossible meant she worked with Alyson Hannigan.
bloodflowers: hope you see this. All is cool
I gained 50 pounds as well after I had my son. Finally got it all off a couple of months ago. She's a damn, fine woman, and Anna you are correct! She definitely does not look like a girl anymore. Go, curvy women!

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