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November 04 2005

(SPOILER) Joss on UPN's Veronica Mars Website. He appears in the online advertisements for the show, and he also looks good on TV.

So, I can't wait till Wednesday, (technically Thursday for me) had to check out the site. You can play the first two minutes of the show also. It contains spoilers, albeit very exciting ones.

I think my heart breaks a little bit every week when I realize that VM will not be on my tv. I think I am almost as angry at CTV as I am at Fox.
I hear you, Danica. Yay for torrents.
I finally broke down, switched from cable to satellite AND had to special order UPN from the east coast in order to be able to watch VM on TV. It irks me that it's so hard to even GET THE STATION this wonderful show is on.
looking, I considered it too but there's just no way I'm going to pay the extra fees for digital cable or satellite and then pay an addition $10-$20 a month for the offer that includes UPN, etc.
Ok, you must explain something to me Christopher. I have been trying to download the eps. I'm just not sure of the best way, and of course, I'm completely dense when it comes to torrents. Can you guide me through the process?

(sorry to get slightly off topic, you can always email me instead)
Joss was so cute in the trailer for next week's episode. I can't wait!
Joss is always cute! :-)
I'm so in love with this show it's disgusting.
Among a bunch of us at work (joyless victims of CTV, too, Danica), one has subscribed to UPN (via Sympatico, which allows you single channel choices) and records the eps every week. Then we pass the tapes around. We call ourselves the Veronica Mars Culture Club. I forgot to say AWESOME SHOW.
The VMCB, that is cool!
Well, I am utterly addicted to this show. Joss enthusiasm got me onto it, then a fellow Whedonesquer (and podcaster) Zuckerbaby gave me avi files of the first series.
Because we live in Australia and the fools have yet to air it, many of us Ozzies, have that special 'magic' in our computers where the show appears in them every Thursday. *sigh*
It is a good age we live in.
I'm very excited about the next episode. However, I think I actually gagged when they started playing the soft WBish Father/Daughter music for Keith and Veronica in that trailer lol. (Although I did love the "I give good phone" line.)

I am totally in love with this series though. I hope they bring back Dick and Cassidy next episode, I miss poor Beaver.

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That clip made me squeal like a little girl.
I am very amused that Joss is selling an episode of a TV series.. Hee!
OK ... so when do we get to see this in the UK? It looks fab!
I have been counting down the weeks for this!!! I can't wait to see Joss! I want to see Dick and Beaver, I miss them! Ha, Dick and Beaver....that never gets old.

Off topic, does anyone know any place I can down load VM season 1 commentaries? I couldn't believe season 1 had no commentaries, what a bummer!
Rob Thomas has a commentary for the alternate cut of the pilot up on his website. Click "Enter," then "Veronica Mars," then "Downloads," then "Downloads," and you should see it on the bottom.
Thanks, Invisible Green!

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