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July 17 2002

Angel on a bender. We've seen the man launch himself off a roof, jump into (the wrong) car, dodge a baseball bat and boff the Buffster. We've laughed at him dancing, we've heard him 'sing' and we've cringed at him uttering baby talk. But what on earth is he doing in this picture?

The real news is that Moore Action Collectibles are putting out three more 'AtS' figures (Angel, Cordelia, Faith, Drusilla, a Gentleman) this month. [link pilfered from the always excellent]

Moore Action Collectibles are also putting out a special edition 'Slave Cordelia' available only to Collector's Society Members.

and they don't even look like the actors at all!
Too bad Cordelia doesn't come with ever-changing hair.
Didn't Michael Jackson have a dance that looked something like that Angel figure?
Hmmm, come to think of it, you NEVER see Michael Jackson and Angel together---

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