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November 05 2005

TV Thrillers of the Near Future (Satire). Nathan Fillion to star as CBS's Father Reilly.

If these were real shows I'd probably check them out. Is that sad?

Nathan Fillion and dog fetus casserole? Who wouldn't want to check that out?
I love that he would be a member of the clergy--again.

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Thats been kept fairly quiet.

Hope it lasts longer than Firefly
Funny site!! I love *Hey! It's that guy!*
Damn it, I misinterpreted the satire mention in the title and thought these were going to be real.

Dog fetus casserole?!

Now, come on. That would be great.
The sad thing is that many of these are better than the real premises of most shows.

Nathan as kindly-but-kick-ass Father Reilly? Why the heck not?!
I would totally watch that show. Or, for that matter, a couple of them!
I love how ripped this off but didn't notice the part about it being fake.
Did you notice the first one?

Later episodes find the mismatched pair break up a "court" of high-school vamps led by former head cheerleader (Hayden Panettiere); containing, with the help of a local animal-control deputy (Justin Kirk), an infected bat population in a cave on the outskirts of town

Surely a shout-out to one of our shows?
Dang -- most of those actually sound entertaining. Just wait until those Fox executives read that web page...

Plus, getting phone calls from Ted Levine at all hours -- now that's scary!
I think all of these premises are absolutely hilarious in how they turn a mirror back on the society from which they were conceived, like Unlimited Minutes with its mention of the main character's reliance on his cellphone and the 'too good to be true' mall promotion prompting him to switch providers and especially Haunted Townhouse: I love how the ghost's disturbances cause structural damage revealing the shoddy pre-fab construction and the mention of "walk(ing) away from their home equity" - this is such an entertaining metaphor that I'm sure many condo and townhouse owners could likely relate to (come to think of it, any homeowner). Also, the little dig at Depeche Mode and the gloomy weather of the Pacific Northwest in the description for Blood River makes me grin a silly little grin.

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