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November 05 2005

Fox order three more scripts for 'Kitchen Confidential'. Though there's still no final word on the fate of Nick Brendon's sitcom.

Well, something is better than nothing.

I was wondering when we'd hear anything about this show.

Me happy!
Excellent! This show is so smart and funny, so naturally I was expecting it to be canceled. This is good news indeed.
Well, ordering three scripts doesn't neccessarily mean they're going to pick it up for another season...

By the by, I've only watched the first episode.
The last episode aired was by far it's best and showed a lot of promise. Had me laughing out loud many times. My daughters watched it with me and hadn't caught the other episodes and thought it was quite funny. Here's hoping it gets a chance to find an audience!
I agree. The last episode was outstanding. It sold me for the show. The first episode I thought was pretty weak and the second was okay, but the third was very funny.
Why is this in the Firefly&Serenity category?
Because I posted it around 1am my time this morning. All fixed now.
Simon, I often wondered when you find time for sleep. Being the best MOD on the 'net, I can't imagine the tolls. I wish to take this moment to thank our MOD, Simon. None better on the planet.

Back to Nickie's show, I'm still a little worried. The ratings aren't that strong. At this point, I would not expect a second season. Hope I'm wrong.
I will hopefully be looking forward to seeing this. The thing about not living in the US is that, when there is a show that might not have a future, by the time I get to see it, and get caught up in it, it's usually too late to do anything about it's future. It will probably already have been cancelled.
I love Kitchen Confidential, and I hope this is good news. I hope Fox does some promotion, because after the long baseball hiatus, it's gonna be tough. I want to see a raft of KC promotion during the one-hour Arrested Development tonight!

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