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November 06 2005

Getty Images capture Kane and Bagby as they "Walk the Line". Christian Kane and Larry Bagby attended the AFI screening of the movie based on Johnny Cash's life, in which Larry plays band member Marshall Grant.

For those wondering who Larry Bagby is he played Larry Blaisdell in the first 3 seasons of Buffy, the macho gay football player.

This might be a more direct link; I had to do a bunch of searching before I could find the pictures. But then Getty Images can sometimes be a bit of a pain to navigate.
Yeah that link seems to be spot on. Cheers. Is this movie anything to do with that Johnny Cash album that was released recently?
I think the movie focuses on his rise to fame and relationship with his wife. That's just what I got from the previews though.
Flannel shirt on the red carpet, that's my Christian :)

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