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November 06 2005

Serenity enters charts. The DVD has *finally* got a ranking. It's entered the charts as the 18th best seller. Let's see if we can't get it to number one ;).

Hopefully you guys find this news-worthy. I know that I've been checking amazon a bit over the last few days to see where she'd appear.

Yes, it's news-worthy and a good find. I think everyone is getting a bit burned out on this matter, that's all.
No llama in the 'verse can stop us.
Excellenty - this news pleases me.
Good news indeed - seems like no artwork in the verse will stop us.

Any update on that petition, btw? In the sense of Universal falling to thier knees in abject remorse and begging our forgiveness?

gossi, you dropped some intruiging hints about interesting people to elaborate?
Lower than "March of the Penguins"?


ETA: not that I meant to offend any penguin lovers although if you are a penguin lover, you deserve all the hassle you get!

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The bad news: compare it's ranking to

The good news: the petition was printed and sent to Uni. What difference it can make, I've no idea.

The DVD can probably do a lot of online orders (assuming people are, you know, blind) but it'll need a lot of viral marketing methinks. Not that I'm suggesting it doesn't have much official marketing. Or indeed, any.
Well, here's hoping. Thanks, gossi.
I noticed it was on's top 100 last night but it was at #19, so it's already moving up slowly. :)

Also it's currently #23 on and was at #30 last night.

Lower than "March of the Penguins"?
Yeah, but higher than War of the Worlds, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Fantastic Four, all movies that made over $100 million in the theatres! :)
Once I get paid, that position will rise. I plan to misbehave, or at least buy several copies. Some might actually be gifts.
"Lower than "March of the Penguins"?"

That is no suprise considering March of the Penguins was one of the biggest hits of the year. The film made more than $100,000,000 boxoffice worldwide. I loved the movie myself.

Anyways Serenity being at 18 already is amazing. especially considering that all the dvds ranked higer are already released or will be released this month.

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At #18 and it isn't even released yet, that's not bad!
And Firefly is holding spot #9 :)
I did my part! How shiny does that look.. Firefly at 9, Serenity at 18? I'm sure it will move up quickly!
It’s nice to see both Firefly and Serenity in the charts.

Considering the US box office return on Serenity, to what extent would good DVD sales lead to a possible sequel (in terms of another wide release film, not a straight to DVD sequel)?
No news concerning the release date of the R2 DVD? I am looking at from time to time, but no info up to now...
ncr, I think it would have to do really really (and a lot more reallys) well on DVD to get a wide release sequel. I would not say its impossible or even next-to-impossible, but I don't think it's altogether likely either.
Moved up 2 to #16
I spoke to soon. Now its dropped to #20
That's still impressive considering it hasn't even been released yet. It will probably do even better as Christmas approaches.
Serenity is back at #16 - Firefly has jumped up two spots to #7! I seriously think people are buying Firefly in anticipation of Serenity being released on DVD now.

It's the cycle: Firefly makes us want to see Serenity; Serenity makes new viewers want to see Firefly; Firefly DVDs purchased in anticipation of Serenity's theatrical release - and again in anticipation of its DVD debut.

They're feeding off each other in a glorious way.
Go parasitism! Sorry, that was my first response to Keith's comment...but hey, whatever works works :)
Serenity at #15

Is there any kind of tracker for Serenity, like there is for firefly on fireflyfans?
Is there any kind of tracker for Serenity, like there is for firefly on fireflyfans?

I'm surprised FFF haven't done one to compliment their Firefly tracker. Someone should suggest it to them!

(As of this post... Firefly at #10, Serenity at #14.)

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