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November 06 2005

Boreanaz gets Punk'd next Sunday. Ashton Kutcher's MTV show that plays jokes on other celebrities sets its sights for an Angel - hopefully he doesn't end up as Bones after it.

I've always wanted to punk Boreanaz....I'm just sayin'. I can't wait! *programs TiVo*
Oh man, that sounds like a goodin! I loved it when Seth was punk'd, that was classic! Altho I'm not a huge fan of the show, or Ashton for that matter. I think I started to hate him when I was listening to the first seasons commentarys.
Kristen Bell was also apparently punk'd.
Hee! I'm starting to think a Whedonesque drinking game for "Bones" jokes in the subject lines might not be such a bad idea...
Well I hate Ashton with a fiery vengeance, but I like David, so if this comes to the U of the K, I may watch
Somehow I don't see DB being too amused by Ashton.
I do! DB seems to have a great sense of humor and a real prankster, from what I've seen/heard of him. And we've all heard of the mooning, right?
Well, well. Angel's preeminent prankster becomes a reality joke-star's punchline. That should be ... interesting. I hope Ashton nobody gets hurt - but I'm sure DB will be a good sport about it all, once he figures out it's just for fun... ;)

Which reminds me, did anyone here ever catch DB's skit on MadTV from several years back, where Phil McDonald's super annoying Randy-the-high-school-video- nerd character came to the AtS set and followed our man around during a shooting break? It was hilarious, and also a little disturbing because DB was either a) genuinely irritated by the whole thing, or b) seriously convincing at pretending he was. (I decided the latter, after considering he had to be apprised of the setup before taking part in it, but he played it so well that you could argue both ways.)
I agree, Wiseblood! I was never certain, even to this day, if he was kidding or not.
Problem with some pranksters - they can dish it out but can't take it. Oh well now we will find out.

I like DB but if it all goes wrong I would love to see DB deck AK (I hear he can throw a good punch). Perhaps someone will give us a headsup when it airs in the UK?
This might place a question mark on my sense of humour, but I'm one of those people who can neither dish it out or take out. I guess it depends on the perpetrator and the 'victim'. I just think practical jokes are usually not very funny and often rather cruel. Am I the only one who thinks that?
Poor David.
And I agree with you prophet :)
Apart from Eliza and Seth, have there been any other B alums Punk'd?

Those two were really good. Seth thought he was getting raided (poker), and Eliza was framed for theft. Scary stuff if you were them!

By the way, Seth didn't punk out at ALL. You could tell he was scared, but he didn't cry or try to deflect blame or anything. He kept his cool through it all. Class act.
He kept his cool through it all. Class act.

Seth cracked me up! "Dude, that is so ill..."

I dunno, I happen to enjoy seeing actors taken down a peg or two once in a while. And you kind of get to see them off their guard, without any fake 'there's a camera there' reactions. Like Seth and Eliza("I would never disrespect like that!")remained polite the whole time, but apparently others don't stay so nice.(Black Eyed Peas entourage...)

That said, I do agree some pranks can go a bit far, but if AK just put whoopee cushions under seats, it wouldn't really make watchable tv...
Curious to see how David takes it. He seems like a guy with a sense of humor, so hopefully he can take a joke!
The joke involves David with his wife Jamie at a resteraunt and she finds glass in her salad, that she is eating - I am guessing she is in on the joke (hopefully). Messing with David's family might not be a good thing, he has a good sence of humor and hopefully they don't go to far.
I'm just worried that one day someone's going to react badly to a 'punk' and punch someone and it all end horribly. Did anyone see the episode where the guy from Scrubs got punked? I was sure he was on the verge of hitting that kid and he came across really badly.

It would be good if Punked was funny, like 'Gotchas' used to be (Noel's House Party), as it is they're just embarrasing.

I would totally tune in to watch David Boreanaz try to work with Mr Blobby.
As long as they don't put chicken anywhere near him. *Eep*

heb Thing is with Mr Blobby, the celebs could deck him if they wanted to. No-one would get hurt with all that padding and foam. *grumbles about Noel Edmonds*

I just don't generally find setting out to embarrass/humiliate someone funny. And I find that if someone needs taking down a peg or two they tend to be so up themselves they don't need any help and end up doing it to themselves anyway.

Good luck David. *huggles*
I'm just worried that one day someone's going to react badly to a 'punk' and punch someone and it all end horribly.

That would be the Black Eyed Peas! I don't think they ever aired that one. You can check out a synopsis here.

And I find that if someone needs taking down a peg or two they tend to be so up themselves they don't need any help and end up doing it to themselves anyway.

Very true! But then I don't get to see it on tv.... :~P

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"Dude, that is so ill..."

I loved him so much after I heard this. Hopefully, DB won't freak out too badly...
'Eliza was framed for theft' - I just don't find that premise amusing at all. Neither is finding glass in your food. Good luck David.

I remember someone in a chicken suit jumped out on him (and James Marsters) on T4 (UK show) and he was momentarily surprised & shocked then chased the guy off set and came back with the head. Now that was funny.
I only like celebrity practical jokes when they are dished out by Dick Clark and Ed McMahon. Thankyou.
Most actors have a good sense of humor about it, and frankly I prefer it if this happens to people who are rich famous and worshipped, rather than Joe Schmo. I don't mind Justin Timberlake oe Britney Spears taken down a peg.

Seth Green was very cool. Matter of fact, he kept his cool so well it almost wasn't funny! Hehe, worthy of Oz... Poor Eliza was all messed up though, when they almost framed her to be the next Winona, hehe. "Come on! I would never disrespect like that!" Gotta love the LA lingo....and I gotta say she's cute when she's all frettin' and squirmin'.

And as said, David has a reputation for being a prankster himself so I'm curious to see how he takes it. Overall I always think it's a great way to see which celebs have a sense of humor and don't take themselves so frikkin' seriously. Cuz really, you're not allowed to laugh at anything anymore these days. And if the actors afterwards can laugh about it, why shouldn't we?

Oh and what you americans find so great about Dick Clark will probably always be a mystery to me. (Not that Ashton's on my fav list, but he's not really in the Punk'd sessions anyway)
Hey, Bloopers and Practical Jokes was some good stuff. My favorite was when Kirk Cameron thought they took apart his car...too funny! Probably my favorite because it's the only one I can remember...I was a young 'un when that stuff was on.

[ edited by Rogue Slayer on 2005-11-07 21:57 ]
That T4 thing with the man sized chicken was funny I'll admit. He jumped over the sofa and ran after it while JM was going "Nooo, he knows kung foo!" LOL. Then DB's head pops out from behind the screen with the chicken head cluched in his hands and a pure Angelus grin on his face. LOL!!!
Put me in the column of not enjoying seeing nasty tricks played on people and most of these sound pretty nasty. As for feeling justified because actors deserve to be brought down a peg, I will grind my teeth but not go there.

Suffice to say that I don't think people should be so quick to judge other people they do not know...or often people that they do know. We all do it, but that does not make it right.
Has anyne noticed that Kutcher looks like he could be Boreanaz' little brother?
Am I the only one who sees it?
I think David's going to be cool about it... obviously since he let the film roll. But I also heard that Michael Vartan was punked too, and didnt want to have it seen. It had to do with a plane, with pieces falling off of it as they were in "mid air". But whether he was on it or his family was on it... I dunno.

Btw. HI! I'm Sania D. I dont think I've posted before, or if I have, it's been a really really long time.

A little about me: HUGE Buffy/Angel/Firefly fan. Would have Joss' baby if Fillion wasnt having it first. Am a student in college right now. Massive lurker in the past, and just recently found my password today... etc. But I have loved everyone here for at least two years now and am really excited to be apart of everything.
Hi, Sania. Nice to "meet" you. :-D
Welcome Sania.

I think practical jokes are great, between friends, when they're creative and - well - funny. When played on unsuspecting individuals, whether actors or whoever, who are being filmed so that their surprise and emotions can be rebroadcast for millions of TV viewers, I think they suck. See, I don't mind rank stupidity sometimes. I happen to find Jackass pretty damn funny, mostly because they're making fun of themselves. But stuff like Punk'd seems more about cruelty than humor. IMHO.

OTOH, since "victims" who don't want the stuff aired can apparently say no, I can't really complain on behalf of those who agree to let it be shown . . .
OTOH, since "victims" who don't want the stuff aired can apparently say no, I can't really complain on behalf of those who agree to let it be shown . . .

Very true... However, it seems that if someone does decline to have the film shown it quickly becomes public knowledge and that person is deemed to be an arrogant asshole with no sense of humour. I'm sure plenty of actors fit that bill, as do people from all walks of life, but I'm not convinced trying to humiliate them is very funny.

I'm probably too over-sensitive about these things, but if someone played a practical joke on me involving pieces falling of an aeroplane in mid air I would almost certainly be driven to extreme violence for the first time in my life.
I wonder why Ashton never tried to punk Russell Crowe....
Me too dashboardprophet. I can't see that someone sobbing hysterically, screaming for their mother and probably peeing their pants would make entertaining TV, no matter how famous they were...but maybe that's just me. I'll be interested to see how David copes but if my wife thought she had eaten glass in her salad, I'd be freaking out and I don't think I would find any aspect of that funny. I have found the few episodes of Punk'd I have seen to be pretty mean. But that's probably just 'cause I am a girly man.
I'll be interested to see how David copes but if my wife thought she had eaten glass in her salad, I'd be freaking out and I don't think I would find any aspect of that funny.

Which is why I'm feeling a little more concern about the attending waiter and/or floor manager's health than Ashton's in that situation (since he'll probably be out of DB's immediate choking range)...!

(And I'm guessing that regardless of the outcome, a good tip is probably out of the question.)

Having never actually seen Punk'd (no cable), can anyone tell me how the stunts are set up? Is the pre-prank aspect of the show very elaborate, with discussion of methods/locations, etc. or do they just get it over with quickly in order to spend more time on the prank's aftermath and the person's reaction?
Ok. Saw Punk'd. It was hard to watch. I thought David handled himself admirably and remained remarkably calm. Nice blend of protectiveness and assertiveness.

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