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November 07 2005

Joss Whedon cheers on Buffy's Alumni. Find out what he thinks of Nick, Alyson, David, Charisma and James in their post-Buffy TV careers. And there's a poll on TV Guide's front page for you to vote on who has the best gig.

"All of my alumni are taking over the world"

They most certainly are :)
Thats' a tough poll. I think Aly or David has the best new gig, but the only new show I like is KC. But Nick hasn't got a good role in that one.

Maybe I should vote for Tony for his future role in Dr Who :)

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Well, if "taking over the world" is slang for "currently gainfully employed" then, yes, they ARE taking over the world!

And so am I!


*goes back to work*
I'm surprised Alexis Denisof hasn't found something yet. Much as I love them all, he's easily the best actor of the lot.

ETA: Rather, he and ASH are the my opinion, of course.

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I'd have to throw JM into that list, Ilana, but then you start losing the meaning of "best" don't you?;-)
and you can't forget SMG - some of her emotionally delivered scenes are incredible. Just re-watching 'The Body' - wow.
I don't mean to imply that the rest aren't good--as you said, Lioness, it's that whole "best" thing... :)
Good to see him commenting on them, hopefully take DB and others away in the summer to film some Angel dvd movies:)
Personally, I think Nick Brendon is probably last for me. KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL is near cancellation (although they have ordered three more episodes)

VERONICA MARS is a critically acclaimed show, if not a high rated one, so Charisma is in an enjoyable show. (not to mention Whedon loves this show and will make an appearance on it this week???)

Allyson Hannigan is in a comedy, and it's doing great. (I'm not one for comedies.) It was expected to do well by critics.

James is playing the hell out of Braniac in SMALLVILLE. The show has really picked up steam and kicking and the WB are surprised and excited about their Thursday ratings.

David is a lead in a show that is doing quite unexpectedly well, in spite of lackluster reviews at the beginning. I think his presence in it has kept it afloat to the point where it has found footing and now doing quite alright.

I would say that the shows that are doing better than expected are SMALLVILLE and BONES. Therefore, it is a tie between David and James. (In other words, I think their presence has helped the shows)
Good article Simon, thanks for posting.

I love a Buffy pick-me-up in the a good smile from this one!
But none of them has ever been as good as they were on Buffy.

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It's hard to say whose doing the best this season. While Charisma Carpenter is on the best show of the season (and imho the only show in recent years that could actually sit comfortably next to Whedon's efforts), her role isn't large or important enough to really make her a draw.

David Boreanaz has a co-starring role on Bones, and while the show is palatable, the stories thus far have done nothing for me. He and the lead (whose name I have forgotten) are the only reasons to watch the show imo.

Alyson Hannigan has her sitcom, but I have not watched a episode since the second week, and don't plan to catch the rest unless some of my friends start raving about it to me.

James Marsters is doing a good job on Smallville this season, which has had a suprising resurgence of quality. It has been mildly entertaining this season, despite an entire episode devoted to sorority vampires and another which seemed designed mainly to put Lois in a skimpy outfit and have a lot of Dukes of Hazard references. Still James has been good on it, although I don't neccesairly think he has directly influenced the quality of the show.

Nick Brendon is on a great show, and hopefully they'll give him more material before they cancel it. I really quite like Kitchen Confidential, while it's not as funny as it "should" be , I really like the cast and enjoy the show's tone.

I think David B. probably has the best role, but Charisma has the best show.

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It all makes me wonder how much future work a group of people who have already worked on one successful TV franchise generally get. To me, it seems like so many of the Buffy folks (not just the actors, but the writers and producers as well) are landing noticeable work.

I mean, you always hear about this or that "curse" many actors seem to suffer when they never seem to be able to walk away from the role that made them famous. I'm trying to look at this objectively, but it seems like a pretty high percentage of the 'verse folks are darn employable. Regardless of talent, that seems like a rare (AND GOOD) thing.

[ edited by Grace on 2005-11-07 17:03 ]
Grace, I imagine to a certain degree that has to do with the fact that while Buffy was a great series, it was never in the public eye as much as some of the "big hits."

More people would probably know Alyson Hannigan as the woman from American Pie than Willow. While Sarah Michelle Gellar and the rest of the cast of Buffy were always publicised, the show wasn't as widely watched as something like The X-Files, Lost or the first few itinerations of Star Trek.
The thing with "Buffy" that I've found is if you give that show a chance, you will NEVER forget it. There's someone in that cast of characters that you are going to love/relate to in a BIG way.

I have NEVER loved a show like that one. What is funny and ironic is that it took my friends forever to convince me to watch it.

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Add me to the "Why the hell is Alexis not having to beat casting agents and directors off with a stick?" wonder. The Wesley arc starting in S3 of Buffy and finishing at the end of Angel S5 has got to be one of the best, most interesting, most realistic and most dramatic on TV in recent years.
zz9, I have assumed that AD was battling the problem that Hollywood is not quite sure who he is. By that I mean, the only thing they have seen him do is play a Brit for 6(?) years. Admittedly a multilayered Brit who ranged from comedy to tragedy, but since he is not really a Brit, and his American accent never sounds to my ear as convincing as Hugh Laurie or Bob Hoskins, he has a hump to get over. JM had it easier in a way because he could shed the blonde hair and black leather coat. AD looks more like Wesley. That said, I have no doubt once everything starts breaking for him, he will do great things.
I think either David or Alyson has the best gig in that I think they'll be doing their shows for a while after the others finish.

I like Kitchen Confidential is good, but it's no Arrested Development and at this point I reckon we'll be lucky to see another season of either.

While Veronica Mars might continue on for a few years (I hope so, and ratings are up) I'm not sure how much more we'll see of Charisma after the Logan/Kendall story finishes.

With The WB being pleased with Smallville's ratings this year it wouldn't surprise me if the show stuck around for a sixth season, Brainiac is supposed to be this season's big bad, but with the producers apparantly realizing that James Marsters is partly responsible for the increased numbers and increasing his role, I wonder if they'd continue it into next season.

I see How I Met Your Mother continuing for at least 3 seasons. I don't like cop shows so I haven't watched Bones but the ratings seem to be good.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2005-11-07 21:57 ]
I watched Aly's show during KC's baseball-induced break, and I really like that show. I'm sticking with KC because its more my style, but I look forward to getting to watch "How I Met Your Mother" more than I thought I would. I think she has the best gig.

"Bones" is not bad, and I think a lot of why I find it entertaining is the lab stuff and the Boreanaz eye candy.

And if it weren't for the Saturday reairings of VM, I wouldn't be in love with this show.

...and I was supposed to cut down on TV this year.
I'd like to join in the pro-Alexis Denisof musings. He always struck me as the most powerfully emotive actor (I'm watching Shells and he's breaking my heart)- but capable of falling over in by far the most hilarious way I've ever seen! What's not to love?
Wake up, actor recruitment people! Erm..casting agents? :P
Alexis Denisof is a very talented actor, his portrayal of Wes over the years was amazing.
It's possible Alexis is just enjoying married life! And I doubt money is an issue, so if I were him, I'd totally be taking all the time I wanted to recoup from a very intense stretch of tv.

But aside from that, I'd really love to see him on tv again...
Rogue Slayer, I'm still mourning Alexis's married life. . .
Am I the only one who noticed that they just referred to Xander as "the quick-witted Chandler of the bunch"?!

I should file a complaint...

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