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November 07 2005 Top SF ever. Firefly, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape and Hitchhiker duke it out in this week's poll.

This is just ridicilous.

THGttG the best SF novel ever?

And Farscape along with two-times-in-a-row Hugo winner Babylon 5.

I hope it's a joke.
Um, I happen to think Farscape is an absolutely fantastic show and definitely belongs there.
Farscape definitely deserves to be there, close second to my first place choice of Firefly.
Same with me GS - my top three were Firefly/Serenity, Farscape and BSG.
hee, I'm totally not the ideal voter. My top three are: ST:TNG (childhood favorite that brainwashed me into a sci-fi fan), Red Dwarf, 'cos I love the funny, and Firefly, because I simply love it. I've tried both Farscape and BSG, but felt meh about both shows. So I had to vote for Firefly.

As for novels, I agree the choice is a joke.
To have a list of the top 5 sci-fi books, tv shows and movies is just crazy. It's such a case of apples and oranges, with the different mediums. Then not to include such classics such as Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Brave New World, Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, Ender's Game and so many many more. Plus not including a SINGLE sci-fi movie?!? Bladerunner, 2001, all the Star Wars movies, all the Star Trek movies and many more including Serenity. I think that's why bkhl said the list is a bit of a joke. Farscape might be a good sci-fi show but is it better than any sci-fi movie or book ever made?
Unfortunately, these polls always skew toward mass audience SF and novels are going to suffer.
*tries to resist making JMS retcon jokes about spider-babies*
These 5 choices are the top 5 from a worldwide top 10 poll that was done here. SciFi haven't simply chosen not to include certain books of Star Wars movies.

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Zeitgeist - xplain thy self!
Doesn't that just make it even more tragic?
Hey, THGttG is the best novel I've ever read. And the only one I've read more then twice (I think it's up to 6 six times now). Don't go badmouthing it like that.

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redfern -- J. Michael Straczynski of B5 fame recently did some retroactive continuity on Spider-Man that resulted in Gwen Stacy having super-powered children with the Green Goblin - I may never forgive him :)
I love THGttG. I don't think "not the greatest SF novel ever" is badmouthing. If it's the best novel you ever read, you need to read more, though.
I had to vote for Farscape. It really does deserve to win.
I'm with you zeitgeist. I love JMS's work on Spider-Man, but that was just one step too far :-)

As for the poll, the reason not many books made the final NewScientist list in high places is because the novel-votes were split between too many books to get many into the top 10. The actual amount of votes for novels was twice as high as the number for tv shows and movies, if I remember correctly.

ETA: typo

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Have to agree with Gouki! There aren't many series that would make me turn away from Firefly but Farscape is probably the one that i really can't ignore. Just too damn good! Can i get a HELL YEAH!!!

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