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November 07 2005

Jewel Staite and Jonathan M. Woodward Attending Belfast Convention. Summer Glau has dropped out of this convention, and Jonathan will be attending instead.

I just thought this would be news to any Belfast Whedonfans out there, who are either attending the convention or didn't know about it at all.

Due to work commitments, Summer has had to drop out, which is disappointing, but Jonathan is a good replacement and I am looking forward to the event.

What other male guests are attending? I wonder if Woodward in the UK again will mean more clumsy drunken dancing and dry-humping. If there was a guarantee of that, I wouldn't hesitate to spend a bunch of cash on a plane ride to Ireland.
They are the only two guests that have been announced at this stage, I don't think there are any others, unless it's a surprise. I think if there were any others lined up, they might have revealed them now to further soften the blow of Summer's cancellation.

I was a little disappointed that I won't get to see Summer, but I am really looking forward to meeting Jewel and Jonathan. Especially if he lives up to his reputation.

One really cool thing about this event is that the first 80 people to buy tickets got special VIP tickets to the after party, which the guests should be attending. I assume that would be the best time to see Jonathan, after a few pints of genius. But alas, due to my age and lack of "novelty" identification I wouldn't have been able to go to it, so I didn't try and get an early ticket.

But it sounds like a fun day, we will be seeing Serenity, which is now hard to find in cinemas, and will be my fith viewing, there will be a talk with the guests, photograph sessions, autographs and prizes. It sounds really fun.
Sadly I can't go (despite me living in Belfast), family commitments and all that. But I hope Razor and any one else going has a lovely time.
Thanks, Simon! Since my digital camera has broken, I might take the normal camera and scan the photos, as long as they don't mind us taking pictures during the talks and stuff. I'm sure there will be other Jossverse conventions in the future, UT Events seem to run a couple every year, and this is my first. Have you attended any of them before?
Yes I went to the one where they got Danny Strong, Adam Busch and Tom Lenk appearing. It was fun. I had an enjoyable day out.

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