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November 07 2005

Anthony Head to return to his transvestite roots! Richard E. Grant wants to add Tony to his new film as a transvestite. "I would really like to direct Tony as a transvestite, so I'm trying to work in a character." "I really love Richard. It would be great to be directed by him. And I have good legs."

Well I'm certainly excited!

Ha! Would blatantly watch this!
Good legs? Oh yeah! Tony looks better in fishnets and high heels than most women.
Wow, that's completely awesome. I love Tony. He was so good in the last season of "Little Britain" and I hope he continues to guest star in this upcoming third season. And seeing him in fishnets would not be a bad thing!
Ah ha, another excuse to show this picture.
But Simon, I can hardly see his legs there. Surely someone has a better picture so that we may judge for ourselves whether Mr. Head's legs pass muster?
Okay, anyone remember that Rocky Horror special where Anthony, Amber, and others sang Rocky songs? I can't for the life of me remember the details, I just remember how everyone was gushing over Eric McCormacks performance while I was gushing over how great Anthony and Amber were. (I believe this was before I knew how great their voices are)

And yes, he does have great legs *dies* (which is why my mind went to that special)
Here are some thumbs (warning: Geocities site, and not particularly hi-res) of that ASH performance of which you speak, nna_funk.

ETA: Indeed, site crashed already. Oops.

More pics are linked from this site - but y'all probably go ahead and take down that one too, ravenous beasts that you are . . . ;). I'd recommend simply googling for more sites.

MySerenity, I believe the bash was held in 2000.
What year are those pictures from?
What special was that Nna_funk?? I wanna see!
This project sounds like somethinjg I would knock out the usher in my run to the cinema to see.
I love Richard E Grant, I have since Withnail I think. The fact that he was in the Spice Moive made me love him more. Those purple suits, *sigh*.
Now Tony in drag. Oh man, bring it on I say!
Also, SNT that link no longer works.
Oh man, those pictures are priceless. Thanks, SNT.

What special was that Nna_funk?? I wanna see!

It was the Rocky Horror 25th Anniversary special. It was aired way back in 2000 though, I think the only reason I remember it is because VH1 aired it repeatedly.

And thanks for the pics, SNT! The memories are coming back to me, beautiful memories ;.;
I wish I could see Otherwise Engaged. He looks great in that picture on the main link. And we know how well he plays drunk.

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