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November 07 2005

Flanvention preliminary schedule released. The Big Damn Flanvention in Burbank is just a few weeks away. Booster Events has released a preliminary schedule of the three-day event. It looks like there will be something for everyone Dec. 9-11.

So, who all is going to the F anyway? I'll be there Saturday morning and afternoon at least (work permitting).
So how does the photo op work?

By my understanding, theres 3 hours of photo ops if I go Saturday. Considering how many people go to these things, thats not nearly enough time.

If I'm gonna go to this thing, its for a Summer photo op.

I don't wanna get ripped and still be in line at 12:00 when they say, "Whoops, time up! Better luck next year." I already got ripped out of meeting Summer at the Universal Studios fanfest.
The photo ops flow pretty quickly and smoothly - each actor only has so many photo ops to sell (typically 200 each)- and actually you can typically do 200 shots an hour. Since the BDP photo ops are Friday - they are out of the way - that's 50 - 200 leaves you with 150 each if they sell out. Typically they don't sell out, I have only seen 1 person sell out a photo op. So I don't se a problem, with you getting a Summer photo op. If you buy it - it will get done. They will go over if they need to.
I am going, looking forward to seeing you there SNT!
I'll be there all three days! W00T!

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