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November 08 2005

Exclusive one-time screening of Serenity in Singapore. For all you Singaporeans who despaired of ever watching the movie on big screen, here's your chance. There's a related article about why UIP only decided to have a test screening in Singapore at The Electric New Paper.

Huge thanks to UIP for this!
I've added a link to your subject line which features coverage of the 'special test screening'.
WOw, at least that's something. I think it'sd a shame tha tmost people won't get to see it on the big screen, cause it's where the movie belongs.

The second time was already better than the first, I wonder if it would be so on if I got to watch another few times.
Damn, I wonder if I will be able to notify my friends in time. I have one in particular who's very keen.
I'm surprised that that article (about fandom campaigns to save shows) doesn't go to mentioning the Farscape miniseries. (They say that despite all their efforts they didn't save Farscape... umm... so maybe it didn't get a whole 5th season, but a miniseries aint exactly nothing!)

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