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November 08 2005

Firefly soundtrack released on CD today in the States. Twenty five tracks of 'Verse goodness for your listening pleasure.

It'll be arriving at my house later today. :-D I am so very excited. May it sell well and often, so people can experience the greatness that is Greg Edmonson's music. Music that's pretty in its own right, seperate from the scenes that inspired it, I should add.
Does the soundtrack contain the music for the commercial used to trigger River? I find it amazingly catchy.
This is the TV show soundtrack, Ocular. Not the film. :-)

But to answer your question, no, the film soundtrack doesn't have the Fruity Oaty Bar theme as a track.
Amazon had better be sending mine SOON
I will hopefully be getting this for Christmas. I'm disappointed Hero of Canton isn't on there, but the score itself is great so I will still get it.

Unfortunately the Serenity soundtrack is also missing the instrumental version of The Ballad of Serenity and the Fruity Oaty Bars jingle. Apparently there might be a full version of the latter on the DVD, which makes up for it, and I could understand why they wouldn't have wanted to put it in the middle of the soundtrack alongside the score music, but it certainly could have been a bonus track. But The Ballad of Serenity fits in very well with the score and definitely should be on it. Apart from that, the soundtrack is also very impressive.
Mine got sent last Thursday, still haven't got it, stuff from really seems to be taking it's time getting here recently, still haven't gotten Alias 4 and that was sent over two weeks ago. Really looking forward to this though, was reminded how great some of the music was when I rewatched the show yet again before the movie came out.

I really like the movie soundtrack, just a shame that the "Ballad of Serenity" instrumental isn't on it. Hopefully the Fruity Oaty Bars jingle will be somewhere on the DVD.

All Joss' shows have a soundtrack now, wouldn't mind having a score based Buffy soundtrack though, there was loads of good music in that show.
If you all want to listen to the Ballad of Serenity Instrumental then The Signal #16 has is to listen to. You might have to wait a bit but it will come eventually.

I've ordered this on so it should be a week or two before it comes
I totally agree Ghost Spike, I think that Buffy really deserves a score CD. Basically, Firefly was so short that this CD should really do the whole series justice, and the same with the Serenity score, apart from the exceptions I've already mentioned.

Buffy has had two soundtracks with the music featured in the show, and the Once More With Feeling soundtrack, but I'd really like a score CD since both Angel and Firefly have them. I don't think soundtracks are quite as good because you can download all the individual songs anyway, whereas you can't with the score.

So number one for me would be a Buffy score, and maybe an Angel soundtrack.

Just curious, does anyone know if there are any plans for future Buffy or Angel CDs? Obviously the Buffy ones must have sold well for them to make 3, so why haven't there been any more? Did the Angel score sell well? I don't think the shows being over has any difference, there is still a very loyal fanbase.
According to Amazon, this cd is #28 on the best sellers for music. Not bad, considering it was just released today!

Also, I agree Buffy really really needs a score cd. I went on a downloading rampage one day and downloaded as may as I could find, but I have no idea where the disk is...

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I have a HUGE collection of Chris Beck stuff from BtVS (everything that ever showed up on the web and then some), if anyone is interested email me offsite and I'd be happy to oblige.
I've already almost worn out my Serenity CD :) and I expect this one will get the same treatment when I get it. Joss certainly has chosen excellent composers for his shows/movies.
Listening now. Haven't gotten to the new, bonus tracks yet, but you know, it's amazing what a difference CD-quality bitrate makes compared to a 192 MP3. Can't even describe it in a decent way, but you can just hear the difference.

Point is, I'm glad I spent the money again. :-)
I know it's not score... but I take it Hero of Canton isn't some kind of hidden-bonus track? :(
Nope, 'fraid not, gooball. And personally, though I love it as a song and think it's powerful within "Jaynestown," that it's missing doesn't bother me. And that I'm biased towards score-only CDs that aren't interrupted by lyric songs, may be the reason for that.

ETA: People who have the soundtrack...."Inside the Tam House"....OMG. Was that not incredibly beautiful? You can't really make it out that well in the episode, but holy moly.

And another one that surprised me was "Burgess Kills"...I tend to hear action cues, even the unique-sounding action cues of Firefly, and feel that that's all they're good for--action-cueing. But I loved that piece. The drums were fantastic.

EaTA: Uh, anybody notice how the "River's Eyes" piece appears twice? Once before the "In My Bunk/Jayne's Statue/Boom" trio in Track 14, and then of course, where it's supposed to be, in Track 17.

Here's the thing--in the digital download, "River's Eyes" was originally inbetween "In My Bunk/Boom" in a track, and "Jayne's Statue" wasn't there. So, somebody forgot to remove it. Hee. I just think it's funny.

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Yay! My order has shipped!
Haven't found it in Portland yet, despite visiting half a dozen stores. Border's did have two copies in stock earlier, but sold them both and has had people asking about it all day.
Wow, I am really outside the loop.

I went to Borders last week looking for the Firefly soundtrack. Huh. Maybe the fact that it just came out today is why I couldn't find it... ^^;;;

Anyway, I did end up buying the Serenity score and the novelization. The score is oh so beautiful, and while I'm not convinced yet from the 20-some pages I read on Friday that Firefly can make a comfortable transition to the printed page, I shall certainly read it. After Eragon: Inheritance, Eragon: Eldest, In Cold Blood, Railroad, and Jarhead that is. Heh, heh...

But hey, now I must get the Firefly soundtrack...

Just a shame that "Hero of Canton" isn't on it...

ETA: I meant no offense to Keith R.A. DeCandido in my earlier comments. I haven't read anything else by him, and I really didn't mean to pass judgment on his writing. The book so far is fine, and I've changed my comments to reflect more accurately my opinion that while it's not a bad read, the 'verse doesn't seem quite suited to novel form.

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UnpluggedCrazy, just wanted to remind you that Keith DeCandido is a member here and, while free expression of opinion is all well and good, and generally encouraged, (and, given that your comment was fairly mild, I'm sure he's had worse reviews) let's try not to (a) make personal remarks about individuals, especially when (b) that individual frequents - and contributes to - our site. Thanks.
Sorry about that, SoddingNancyTribe. I didn't mean to pass judgment on his writing, I really just meant to say that I wasn't sure if Firefly could be well-adapted to novel form.

I've edited by comments to reflect my feelings more accurately.
No probs, UC. It was a fairly mild criticism, as I said, but it's good to keep such things on the mellow. Ta.
Amazon actually delivered my copy to the door today, on the day of release, which is a huge shock for me. Although I love them for their selection, there are time I think they deliver my stuff on the back of a snail traveling through a sea of salt... has it listed as November 15th. Do any Canadians know if we're for sure getting it a week later than the US, or is our version of Amazon just being its usual quirky and often-incorrect self?

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