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November 08 2005

(SPOILER) James Marsters dishes about Smallville, Spike and more. Marsters chatted exclusively with AOL Television editor Sean Doorly about his new character, his old character Spike, spreading the love and the benefits of working in television.

"I'm not going to be green and wear a pink jumpsuit."

I can I just say thank goodness for that. LOL!!!

Cheers for this. Nice interview.

*spreads some love* :0)
He could probably make any outfit look good(or at least better than a normal person could), but I have to say the stuff they have him in as, well....very fine. Wish I had a prof like him way back when....*sigh*
Uh oh...he said the "M" word...somebody tell him it's "The Scottish Play"!
*ponders the meaning of exclusive interview* Maybe its just me, but a one on one interview that lots of other reporters have the opportunity to do isn't the same thing as an exclusive interview. Also, I wish they would have used a new photo.

Like Rogue Slayer, I appreciate the wardrobe James has on Smallville. Having James play a character named "Fine" is certainly appropriate! ;)
"It's great playing a robot that is pretending to care."

What? I thought he was playing a professor, not the President. ;-)

As good as James was at playing Spike as "very emotional and passionate" (but not the sharpest knife in the drawer), I must say that he is also quite intriguing and convincing as a character whose blood rushes in the general direction of his brain first. Also, James used the word "shiny". Love is all around.
Chris in Virginia

According to most versions of the tradition you only have to say "The Scottish Play" if you're actually in a theatre .

Nice interview though . I'm looking forward to seeing more of Fine/Brainiac.

But didn't James Poo on that "Scottish Play" superstition at the latest production? (Much to many people's dismay)
killinj - Right there with you on the photo thing - he has not been blond for over a year and a half. I guess they figure you would not know him without the blond hair.
Yupe, at the Words and Music the other week someone said something about him saying Macbeth in a theatre. His response? "Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth." Hee, the little tyke.
Comic cover w/Brainiac

I don't know guys, I think he could pull this off...not. What a strange looking character.

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I don't know guys, I think he could pull this off...not. What a strange looking character.

ha! but maybe he could pull THIS ONE off:

Brainiac pic

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bloodflowers, I giggled loudly when I read your comment
Apocalypse, I giggled as well.

It is a nice interview. I am enjoying watching James Marsters on Smallville. They are doing some really funny reviews over at the Soulful Spike Society website for the James Marsters shows only, that make me laugh. They are deliberately overdone on the James-emphasis.

I am enjoying the other Buffy alumni too on their shows. Except I don't like Kitchen Confidential and hope Nick B finds something better.
Hee, as bloodflowers pointed out, James did indeed use the word "shiny."

Ah, a Joss actor showing love for another Joss project. I mean, how many times have you heard SMG or Aly comment on Firefly or Serenity? Granted, while he only used "shiny," it still made me real happy-like.

As for Smallville?


I'm sorry, I will NOT watch that. I tried to, just for him, and despite the article claiming it is "revitalized," I must sorely disagree. I hate that fucking show. They really should've just stopped making live action Superman after Christopher Reeve's reign as the Man of Steel ended. No one can top him, nor should anyone try (yes, Bryan Singer, I am saying you should have stayed on for X3)...
UC, I hate it too, with a fiery passion. But my near obsession with James causes me to turn it on, even if I just mute the parts he's not in. I'm telling you though, that man has serious talent and his character isn't half bad either. It's worth muting as much as the episode as possible.
It's worth muting as much as the episode as possible.

That should be Smallville's new tagline! "A fresh Smallville in minutes. Now with a characther worth muting as much of the episode as possible!"

And I couldn't agree more. James shines, but I wonder if that just makes it all the more clear how bad everything else about the show is...
I do find I have to read in advance if he's going to be on an episode, because if I accidentally give another hour of my life to a James-free Smallville's not going to be pretty!

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