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November 08 2005

Meet Amber Benson. She will be at a "Meet-the-Writer" event for her new book, Ghosts of Albion: Accursed, 7:30 PM tomorrow night at Barnes and Noble in Framingham, MA.

Wow, that's fairly close to me :)
It's even closer to me :)
Aww. Wish I'd known sooner.
Do you think she gets upset if people talk and question her about her buffy past and history oppose to being more fan oriented towards her as a writer? I'm nowhere near MA or I may be tempted to test the theory... for that reason, probably good thing I'm all the way on the other side of the country huh?
Last night's signing in Boston was a blast, as always! Amber and Chris were both very receptive to all sorts of questions, and they provided a lot of laughs and a lot of information. But be warned: the GINORMOUS Barnes and Noble at Boston University sold out of their stock of Ghosts of Albion:Accursed so if you're coming tonight and want a copy of the book autographed, you might want to get there on the early side.

See you there! :-)
I live in Framingham, only five minutes from the Barnes & Noble -- I'm so there!

(Long-time visitor, first-time poster...hey everyone!)
Hi Rachael! I'm about an hour away, but there's this pesky thing called "trying to get into college" that has stunted my road trip adventure. btw, OzLady, that's an awsome bookstore :)
Curses! I'll be on an airplane on my way to the area at that time. *le sigh*
Amber was adorable tonight! She and Chris Golden answered questions for nearly an hour, then took the time to talk to the 50 or 60 audience members individually, take pictures and sign autographs. They talked mostly about their writing process and their new book but also entertained some more Buffy-related questions -- in fact, Chris Golden mentioned Joss' Whedonesque post this morning, and some audience members gasped when they heard that Joss would be writing post-S7 comics. Amber and Chris played well off each other and Amber was very funny -- making silly faces and self-effacing comments the whole way though. All-in-all, a great evening!

Sorry you couldn't make it, MySerenity. Hopefully she'll come back for the next project she has to promote!

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