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"Coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me."
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November 08 2005

Bizarre Love Triangle: Joss, Buffy . . . and Veronica. In honor of Joss's cameo, L.A. Times' Calendar section tomorrow talks Veronica, Buffy, hey and Whedonesque too (with *that* post). Like, self-referential, dude.

(Title thanks to New Order; tip-off nod to Julie). The article features some nice extra words from JW about his love of VM, and stuff from Rob Thomas too.

I wonder if Quentin Tarantino scored an appearance on Alias in a similiar way (ie. by being a fan).
The 25-year-old Bell credits Thomas with capturing "the narrative of an 18-year-old girl perfectly, which is also the freakiest thing about the show. They're real problems. It's utterly relatable. And Joss is such an intelligent guy and he gets the show completely and he was just very funny. It was so cool to have him on set because we're hopefully following in his footsteps, and he really knows how to write for cult fans."

I loved that! That was a great article hey. Thanx for the link.
Hurrumph, obviously the person that wrote the article is not a viewer of Angel the Series, or in particular of the character Numfar which was more likely Joss' TV debut. Other than that good article and way to go you guys, whedonesque seems to be the most quoted site in the verse.
Indeed, RavenU...

Numfar, do the Dance of Shame!

Nice article, though...
Great article with lots of respect given for everyone mentioned. It warms my heart to have an article written from a different perspective than "all genre fans are geeks (in a bad way)".
umm New Order AND Joss AND Veronica Mars at once, my heart can only take so much...
"Despite averaging just 2.5 million viewers, Ostroff was persuaded to keep the show because the audience had grown as the first season drew to a close and fans campaigned on websites for the show. The support of critics and the media, Ostroff said, also played an important role in her decision."

Now why couldn't that have happened for Firefly?
I'm just glad Joss and Kristen Bell had the chance to finally meet and get to know one another.

Based on her comments, it appears they got along well -- which only makes my obsessive little fantasy of her being cast as his Melaka Fray one of these days feel that much closer to possibly coming true ;)
Dye her hair black and we're there! I second the nomination.
So as it seems, we're Joss' website again.
Well at least it didn't called us Buffy-centric.
There will a thrilling Whedonesque discussion thread about Joss' appearance on VM posted sometime later on today.
Oh Joy!
I have to wait till tommorrow of course to see it...
My courier will arrive sometime in the afternoon!
Consider me there in spirit. I'll get to see it maybe on Friday.
But, at least I do get to see it.

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