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"I have a message for you from inside the Dollhouse."
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November 09 2005

(SPOILER) Joss talks Veronica Mars, Internet fandom and take-charge women. More from Mr Whedon on his guest stint on Veronica Mars and some other goodies as well. Big spoiler for Serenity in this article.

Just hearing "Douglas the Car Rental guy" makes me want to watch this episode.

I think the creators of Veronica Mars are going to get exactly what they wanted- because of Joss I am compelled to watch!
"I do have some ideas for TV shows, but not as fierce about pursuing them right now". Gah! I need weekly Joss! I'd love to know what's bouncing around his brain TV-wise.

And no mention of the Spike movie? Is that going to go the way of BtVS Animated - 'It WILL happen'...long silence...'No it won't.'
*giggles* I wonder, now that Joss has gotten the acting bug, if he does the obligatory two page almost nude “I just wanted to show off my body while I still can” picture spread. (Go on Joss, Quentin would do it in a heartbeat, you know that’s true!)

On a slightly more upmarket note, I thought the comment about genre fans being particularly interested in the creators and various other people involved in relevant shows or films is an interesting observation and very true.

I think it is very important to remember that a film/show is a collaborative effort rather than being just sucked into the actor celebrity cult nonsense that so many people base their viewing habits on. I rather be nerdy and care about how the whole thing is being put together and who is involved than just choose what I watch based on a pretty face (which doesn’t hurt, but you know what I mean.)
Once in a while a filmmaker captures the audience's imagination as much or more than his movies: Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino come to mind. Whedon is the latest.

Oh. My. God.

Did no one else feel the hair tingling on the back of their neck when they read that?!

I've been saying the same for years, actually equating Joss with Quentin, and hey, now someone else has said it...PLUS mentioned Welles and Hitchcock...

ok did i miss the Serenity spoiler ?
Yep, it's in there. It's not spelled out, but it's in there.

Also: nice article this. Another whedonesque mention as well, heh. And I agree with lfw, I need my weekly Joss-fix as well. Movies are great, and I'll go out and see every single one Joss makes. They're also bigger, in that Joss may be able to get the main stream recognition he deserves. But, man, I'd really love another Joss show on the air! But I guess we just can't have everything.
This link doesn't work for me.
It doesn't work for me, either.
"Adoration is less tough to deal with than you think," he says. "Except once when I was really tired and somebody called me a genius. I just started crying."

That Joss, funny guy! Also completely OT but everytime I go to quote something and have to wrangle with those < and >s I'm reminded of that episode in season 1 of Buffy where Cordelia and Harmony are trying to do their computer programming homework while dissing Buffy and Willow tells them to end the program by pressing the "Deliver" button.

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