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November 09 2005

(SPOILER) Gilmore Girls creator loves Buffy. Amy Sherman-Palladino tells Mike Ausiello that her "life couldn't exist without" Buffy (contains spoilers for a number of shows).

Now if only we could get Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas to talk about how much he loves Gilmore Girls, the circle will be complete.
Well, then I'd need Joss to praise GG and then for Amy to praise Rob and... well, you know how the rest goes.
Yay! I haven't seen The Gilmore Girls, but I've heard good things, and Sherman-Palladino's Buffy love does nothing but make me more interested in her show.

And, hey, did anyone notice these other two blurbs in the column:

Question: What can you tell us about House? — Becky

Ausiello: Julie Warner is checking in early next year as Margo, a patient who is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro with unexplained violent seizures. And Buffy's Tom Lenk — he played Andrew the ambiguously gay evil genius, if you have to ask — will guest-star on the Nov. 15 episode as a geeky flight attendant. I'm told it's a small role, but if I know Tom, he'll make the most of it.


Question: I seriously love Veronica Mars, but how much longer are we going to be subjected to the (completely devoid of chemistry) Duncan-Veronica relationship? I miss Veronica and Logan! — Daniella

Ausiello: (SPOILER) But, as with most everything on Mars, there's a twist. And a pretty funny one at that. Also, Joss Whedon proves himself to be quite the nimble thespian. He more than held his own opposite Kristen Bell, and that's no small achievement.

Woo! Go Tom and Joss!

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Eeeep! I read your spoiler. (On purpose) Oh I hope it's true!!
And, Yay Tom!
Well, Jane Espeson did go work for her, after the end of Buffy.
Is the spoiler text actually blinvisible for anyone else? Its extremely visible for me without even having to highlight it but thats ok as I am also yaying at the news.
Spoiler + quote tags don't mesh well. I'll have to find a remedy for that.

Later. When I get back from Dublin.
I read the spoiler in the original link and was pretty frustrated. Not about what actually happens in the spoiler, but that I got spoiled. Damn.
Woohoo! Tom Lenk is going to be on House!
I just want to say that Xander would be happy we're using the word "blinvisible". ;-) And that even though I don't watch House, I have to watch this one, because I can't miss Tom! Now if he would only guest star on Arrested Development, life would be perfect.
I added a #171717 font tag to the quoted spoiler, that fixes it for now.
God, I'm gonna die from all the House and GG love going on here.

Hmm, now it may be the early morning talking, but I think I'd love to see Spike, House, and Luke have a conversation. That would be fun to watch.

BTW, GG isn't everyone's thing. It's probably the 'sweetest' show I watch, but it really attracted me for the snappy dialogue and sharp wit. But it's not a 'deep' show, really. I'm hooked on it, but I'll never get as emotionally invested in it as Buffy. It's just not that kind of show for me. A bit too superficial, chirpy, and predictable to really get its hooks in my gut.

And Tom on House. God, that should be hilarious!
Did anyone else notice the 'Agent Finn' on Bones blurb? How... odd is that? Tom on House! Def watching that, and oh... Great GG spoilers and
"And Buffy's Tom Lenk — he played Andrew the ambiguously gay evil genius, if you have to ask — will guest-star on the Nov. 15 episode as a geeky flight attendant. I'm told it's a small role, but if I know Tom, he'll make the most of it."
Geeky flight attendant? Can't hardly wait.

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I watch GG for the mother/daughter relationships. I have two daughters, 13 and 7, and my mother and I don't always see eye to eye (esp. when I was younger). It's nice to see these quirky relationships.
I'm waiting for David Shore (creator of "House") to say something like: "I've always enjoyed certain things, like Buffy. My life couldn't exist without it. The way the character Angel would brood, it was an inspiration."
I totally agree with AS-P about the "I love you thing." They really don't have to say it, do they? It's just so obvious with everything they do, and how they relate.
I, too, watch GG for the mother/daughter relationships. I love the many poignant moments with little or no dialogue to be the most interesting. That said, nothing eclipses my Buffy love. By the way, Jane isn't the only Buffy connection to GG, Rebecca Rand Kirshner is there now as a writer/producer. I think one of her episodes aired a couple of weeks ago.
I've tried to watch Gilmore Girls, but, IMHO, it's a show about nothing. And I have a daughter, also. She doesn't like GG either. I need shows where stuff happens. At least, on VM, there is some mystery and intrigue. But nothing even comes close to Buffy and Angel. Thank TPTB for DVD's! And for Joss. I'm revisitng Season 2 of Buffy right now and I have my tape of Bones from last night to watch later. So life is pretty good right now, what with Serenity coming out soon and the soundtracks from Firefly and Serenity. And I just got Season 1 of Count Duckula today in the mail. Talk about quirky vampires!
TLA, have to disagree. If the Buffyverse didn't exist (Joss forbid) I would hold that Gilmore Girls is the best show I've ever seen. But ya know, we all have our opinions. After all, some people watch Smallville ;)
I've always enjoyed certain things, like Buffy. My all-time… my life couldn't exist without it.

What a coincidence. I feel exactly the same! ;)

"I love you," for me, is a tricky phrase on television because I think it's way overused, as it is in life. ... There's just nothing but I love yous and so little goes behind it. And part of what I love ... is [L&L] don't do that. They just love each other. They just take care of each other. They just support each other.

This is one of the reasons I continue to watch GG although I still bear a mad hot grudge against the WB in a dusty corner of my heart. Occasionally there's some Northern Exposure-esque fluff in the plots and sometimes they go a-wandering farther afield than I might like from the Lorelei/Rory story, but the relationships are all bound in genuine affection and caring for one another that feels groundedly realistic to me. And for a semi-dramatic comedy, the acting is of a consistently high caliber that doesn't pull its emotional punches. Also, there's the dialogue, which does often exhibit a rapid-fire, almost Jossian sparkle 'n' snap.

[Just noticed that when I try to post multiple lines of copied text using the < span class= > tag, the words go all crazified. Does anyone else ever have this problem? Guess I'll stick with my retro-fabulous italic quoting...]
Well, I came to GG for Jane Espenson and Danny Strong and stayed for the mother/daughter. And Lauren Graham. And Kelly Bishop. And Edward Herrman. And now I love Scott Patterson and Sean Gunn and…the list goes on. The acting and writing talent on this show is unbelievable.

I didn't watch the show before because I had no idea what kind of relationships to expect when I started; I expected lamer, more girly plots. The take on these relationships is so refreshing and, in my case, so close to home. I can see how hard Lorelai has worked to not be her mother. There are parallels there, as well as the "we don't communicate" issues.

Oh, and I loved the "some people watch Smallville". It reminded me of juggling geese. :)
Gilmore Girls is one of my must-see shows. I really enjoy the relationship between Lorelai and Rory, between Lorelai and Luke, between Luke and Rory - all of them, really. The writers do relationships well. I agree that the love between Lorelai and Luke is obvious without them saying "I love you" to each other; on the other hand I think there are times when you need to hear the actual words.
I had *such* a hard time when WB canceled Angel and my friends were having fierce campaigns to shun the entire network, because it still ran my beloved Gilmore Girls. I simply couldn't boycott them when nothing else satisfied my jones for old-style rapid-fire banter like Howard Hawks used to direct. There have been rough patches (Rory goes to Yale, The Early Years), but overall, GG is a wonderful show filled with brilliant dialogue and delivery (Yo, Lauren!), which tempers the sweet with the tart and rewards repeat viewing. Highly reccomended!
Amy Sherman-Palladino has also remarked on her love for all things Buffy on her NPR interview on Fresh Air. I think that you can find the original by searching on the NPR website...the reference is at the end.

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