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November 09 2005

Tony Head chats about Doctor Who. Find out what he thinks of the new Doctor and there's some discussion about Russell T Davies being a huge Buffy fan.

Fantastic to hear another little blurb about Tony on DW. Can't wiat for Christmas Invasion, which will, of course, just make me impatient for series two. /sigh
Very cool he will be on DW. Can't wait to see it. Although I find it rather disturging that RTD says he modeled some of his writing techniques from Buffy. The man's scripts on DW have been horrid. The best episodes so far have come from other writers. Again hooray for Tony.
New Doctor Who next Friday, though it'll probably be dissapointing and cheesy, not long till the next episode proper though.

Anthony Head would have made a good Doctor, I reckon he would have been an even better Master though, I'm sure he'll be good in this role too.

I didn't think Russel's scripts were horrid (well maybe Aliens of London/ World War III were) but they were probably the weakest.

He did write my favorite episodes though in "Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways", but they have been my favorites because they had thousands of Daleks. It was obvious he had watched some Buffy in the finale though, as uber-Rose was very similar to uber-Buffy from the end of season 4, weird eyes, can stop bullets/extermination rays, voice weird.

I am glad he's writing less episodes this year though, and I hope he lets other members of the writing team in on whatever this years "Bad Wolf" is, rather than seemingly going through the first 10 scripts at the last minute and going "ah, we'll have someone say it when Rose isnt in the room here, and we'll have it be a helicopter callsign Rose doesn't hear, ah, and it can be on a poster she doesn't see here."
Ghost Spike -- y'know -- sigh -- when the shows were originally broadcast I wasn't a fan of the RTDs with the exception of Parting of the Ways. But watching them again recently I am appreciating them more. Especially, oddly enough, Boomtown. Fair play for doing something *that* untraditional in the opening season.
ewwwwww.....Boomtown is terrible. Bad Wolf was OK. I have watched them all twice now and I agree the only RTD script I really really liked was Parting of the Ways. The rest I could have skipped. Glad to see that others will be writing many episodes next season.
I liked Boomtown, but that could well have been because of the 3 seconds of Daleks at the end of the coming soon. Nah, Daleks aren't so cool that 3 seconds of them make an episode worth while. I did enjoy the episode though, might have been because I expected it to be the low point of the season with it once again bringing in the slitheen and Mickey, but both were played much better, I'd rather not see the slitheen again, but I'm not as pissed off about Mickey becoming a companion for a while next year as I would have been if he'd remained as annoying as he was in "Rose". The whole idea about the Doctor, who rarely kills, taking the slitheen to certain death was interesting too.
Being a watcher of the show but not a follower of Internet-based reaction to it, I'm quite surprised to discover that the RTD episodes seem to be so unpopular. I think he's a tremendously talented writer and I rather liked his episodes. Mind you, I was shocked by a comment on another thread here to the effect that Billie Piper's acting in the show had been atrocious. I thought it was anything but, and her turn in the recent updating of 'Much Ado About Nothing' on the BBC was equally impressive. I guess we all view these things differently.
Forget the interview. Where can I find a large copy of that photo? I wish I was aging even half as well.
dashboardprophet, I don't doubt he is a talented writer. In fact many of those that love his other writings still hated his writings on DW. I think that sometimes writers are good at specific types of writing. In this case RTD either is not very good at writing sci-fi or he just doesn't have a feel for the Doctor's character. In any case, his scripts for the Doctor Who series (for the most part) have been vastly inferior to the other writers on the show.
Maybe my quality detector is faulty or maybe my understanding and appreciation of sci-fi writing is suspect, but I have to say I'm happy with the RTD episodes. I can't get my head around the concept that his scripts were "vastly inferior" to the other writers. Maybe they were and I don't realise it. That is fine by me. It just took me by surprise to discover that people felt this way. We all have our own take on these things and I'm quite pleased not to have felt any sense of disappointment.

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