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November 09 2005

Just in case you've been living under a rock... Don't forget that Joss is guest starring on tonight's Veronica Mars!

Yes, but here under my rock I have a high-speed internet connection and cable tv - so I'm fully tapped into the news that is Jossiness.
The Veronica Mars love is spreading -- our local radio station has daily puzzlers during retro lunch, and the answer to the question was "Veronica" by Elvis Costello. The hint was "UPN's detective Mars". It only took three callers to get it (although frankly I was surprised at the first caller, who thought the answer was "Gloria"). I didn't realize that a show with only 2 or 3 million viewers could get random publicity like this.

Get your Tivos in gear, set your VCRs, this is gonna be a great episode.
Joss Whedon? Who's he?
No, no..I will see VM when I get back from my graveyard shift at the radio station...but there's also Lost, which may tempt a lot of viewers.
Well, I'll tape both, but see VM first--because Joss is there!

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I'll be watching Lost. I'll catch Joss on the Saturday rerun. If I like what I see, I'll become a regular viewer.
KBP - Of Joss? Or Veronica? 'Cause if you mean Joss, you should be aware that there are anti-stalking laws :) Is this the wrong crowd to mention that?

Watching Veronica then Lost. Not that I have a Nielsen box, but maybe they'll track that I'm recording both. Either way its not like Lost's number are what anyone would call bad. If I had an audience of sixteen million...
And I do declare this the official Whedonesque discussion thread for tonight's episode.
I've got friends who don't watch VM, but are planning on watching tonight's ep for Joss. Someone want to post a non spoilery plot summary so they won't be lost while watching (and will rather, hopefully, get hooked).

I've really gotten into VM in the past couple of months! All I need is to buy the Season 1 DVD so I can get the full backstory. Can't wait to see Joss!
I tape VM because my roommates, my boyfriend and I all watch Lost together... it's like a thing. Anyway, after I kick them all to the curb, I snuggle up for some VM! :)
I TIVO Veronica Mars and have yet to watch more then one episode. My freaking TIVO is screaming at me to make some room. Luckily I have a large capacity TIVO. I guess I should actually watch this one.
For anyone who is checking VM out tonight for the first time and wants to get caught up, I suggest the excellent as a place to find all things VM!
I always watch VM first; I love Lost but I've grown to love VM more. And who could watch Lost first with Joss on tonight? Not a chance. My heart goes pit-a-pat everytime I watch the preview (I guess I could be officially designated a stalker now, huh? How embarrassing).
Even the CBC (Canada's public TV station) had the news about Joss on Veronica Mars today - plus mention of the "Serenity" DVD.

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OMG! Joss speaks German. Lets go see Stain.

Someone start the bring back Joss onto Veronica Mar's campaign.....that was fun to watch. AND IS IT ME OR DID HE LOOK AWESOME ARGUING?? I wanted to see more of that! I wonder if he used his low voice , lol
The picture of him on the wall cracked me up. Wow, was that really 2 pages of script? Seemed to go by fast. Fun to watch though.
Wasn't that a hoot? I loved his employee photo.

ETA: Ha! Simultaneous thought processes!

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Joss was awesome. We need to start campaigning now for "Best Guest Appearance on a Drama" emmy!

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That was the first episode of VM I've seen (just about) all of. And at first I did NOT like it at all. By the end, I'm intrigued.

Damn it. I don't need a new TV show, I was getting stuff done with all my new free time. (Yeah, right.)
Wow, that was amazing, he was amazing, the plot was amazing, just as good as ever. I mean, who ever expected and god, how much did we hate that Plus, I don't think it's spoilery to mention how much I love the thinly disguised barbs at the Bush administration, in this and just about every episode.
"White... they call that... white..."

- It's about time Joss got to say a line like that without having to use Xander as proxy ;p


"White...they call that...white."

An excellent performance. Fairly technical dialogue but it all went smoothly. (And was he flirting with KB?) The employee of the month photo was adorkable.

Hee! It so was. (That's the coolest new word I've seen in a while, cjl.) And that hissy-fit behind the counter had me in spasms!

I'm proud of Douglas and his manly armor of professional decorum. Who wouldn't get all fumbly with VM lobbing her deadly charisma bombs left and right? The girl is seriously cute and armed with the mental artillary to back it up. Considering some of her past tactics, she went pretty easy on him. I was concerned she might twist his arm and end up making him cry, but I guess they're saving that take for the S2 blooper reel? ;)
Joss, you were a way better actor than Kim from Top Model!
Yeah, sometimes VM gives up too easily. She should have threatened to call the health department on Frog(he'll always be Frog to me) there. She wouldn't have had to rent 3 rooms.
Joss was completely better than Kim! i was so impressed- i actually forgot he was joss and really thought he was just the rental guy for a couple seconds! seriously! i was very impressed. most people suck at cameos.

and that episode was awesome!!
The facial expressions were what cracked me up most. Would have loved to see the behind-the-scenes on that one... I'm shocked they didn't do it all as a rotating-camera-no-cuts-5-minute-continuous scene as a homage (and revenge by proxy!).

Homage? You're all drunk!
That was a *maternal expletive* wonderful episode!
Nice job by Joss tonight! Got some nice lines, and he was pretty natural.
So for the benefit of those who didn't see it or who live abroad, how long was Joss on screen for?
Maybe a minute and a half? Two minutes? I was a little too engrossed to time it, but the scene -- and there's only one -- came on just a smidge after the half-hour mark. It was basically the two of them (rockin' the natural chemistry vibe, I must say) until Joss steps outside, mumbling to himself, and leaves KB to go back in and play his replacement like a sweet violin.
Oh I'm looking forward to seeing it! The magic is happening but it takes a little while.
Two pages of script should take about a minute and a bit of screen time, Simon. Although if you are Tim Minear it'll take 4 hours of screen time.
He needed more screen timeóit seemed like it was over in about five seconds! But just from that little scene, you could start imagining the back story of the character and I don't think that all came from the script. Acting, baby, acting! I was really impressed by how he went from 'customer service' mode to "Iím here, Iím doubly here. Thereís two of me" mode. And yeah, our Mr Whedon did have chemistry with and held his own with Kristen Bell acting/reacting-wise. This being good at everything he does is starting to become a little irritating.

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I tried to watch. I kept clicking back and forth between channels and missed his scene. Many people whose opinions I respect really love VM, but its just not my cuppa tea.
I was impressed. The Joss-man can bring the acting :) I mean I didn't expect that he'd suck, but he was on, no kidding. Greatly amused at how yesterday's 'spoiler' played out, too. Great ep, with a couple of 'WHAT!?' moments.
It was a minor role, and he was good in it, but it was still a spot reserved for what would normally be a minor guest actor... Which is good, it's the same type of role given to Kevin Smith.

The episode did completely rock though, I loved it. I am loving Veronica Mars more and more every episode.
There was some crazy chemistry going on in that scene! Is it time to start shipping Veronica/Car Rental Manager?

Seriously, Joss was adorkable and funny!
Joss was fantastic and yes, adorkable. Jawohl! All those Shakespeare readings evenings must have paid off. Perfect rendering of a seriously annoying (in a funny way) Car Rental Guy. I swear I've encountered a few like him. Is it too early or too insane to lobby for another cameo for Douglas? Maybe he'll get fired by the Car Rental Agency and he'll end up being officious and adorkable in another silly position.

Oh, and agreed, Joss more than held his own with Kristin Bell. No small feat.
I believe I am correct in saying Joss acts things out when he writes. I've got a video of him somewhere crying as Buffy. Mighty morphin' Joss Whedon!
It was definitely squee-worthy....
I've loved Veronica Mars from the beginning, and was very excited about Joss being on. I thought his employee photo was hysterical, and I agree yourlibrarian that 2 pages of script goes by terribly fast! It could only have been improved by Logan's sister or Dick's stepmother walking into the car rental place. How amazing would that have been??

And Willowy, I laughed out loud when you mentioned Frog. That's how I'll always think of him too!! Ah, it's the great ones who remember Best of the West! :)
Agreed. Adorkable is the best made-up word to describe it. I just wish there hadn't have been that VMVO to block out his "two of me" speech. The photo though is what really sold it for me, and the fact that it got as many close-ups as Joss did. I'll be laughing about that for days.
Loved, loved, loved Joss' cameo! So many Jossisms in the dialog. Hee, Joss is "double-y"! (thank you captions!) ;) Oh, and I almost choked on my dinner whan I saw the "employee of the month" picture... I mean if that's not a "40-year old Virgin" poster hommage, stuff me and call me Tyra Banks.
OK, who's with me on requesting that VM characters visit the car rental place every week?
Nikki! I know, right? That show was actually really funny!

Hey, by the way, I gave 3 friends each a set of Bite Me and Once Bitten... you'd have thought I gave them pots 'o' gold! One friend even told me to call her back the other day, she was reading Bite Me. :)

*edited cuz gramer iz gud*

[ edited by Willowy on 2005-11-10 20:26 ]
OK, who's with me on requesting that VM characters visit the car rental place every week?

Not me. I want Joss to write and direct on a regular basis. He was all cutified and everything on the show, but we really would rather have some Buffyverse movies, and maybe a new weekly Joss show that nobody ever suspected he had on a back burner...
Others remember Best of the West! I thought I was the only one! So this is what it feels like when doves cry...

And I loved Joss to bits. He really held his own. But, having not seen any other episodes of VM, I was completely lost. I liked the writing, and I keep meaning to buy the first season set, but haven't got to it yet. Looking forward to it, though, given all the raving that goes on here.

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