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November 09 2005

Eliza Dushku to appear in Off-Broadway "Peanuts" Spoof. Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead opens at the Century Center, 111 East 15th Street, NYC, on 1st December.

It follows the "Peanuts" gang 10 years on. Note that the site is very flash-heavy, but if you navigate to cast bios, it says: ""Buffy" has given Eliza international stardom and a huge cult following that has remained loyal to her throughout her career"

That looks really funny. I wish I knew what role Eliza was playing, they didn't seem to list it. On a side note, that first dog bone barking sound effect scared my cat half to death ;)
cool, i'll definitely go see this.
And the award for 'Title more offputting than Buffy The Vampire Slayer' goes to..
And the award for "Most annoying Flash site in some time" goes to ...
I assume they don't mention characters to avoid being sued by the Schultz estate. It is unauthorised remember, and it's a fine line between parody and copy. That's how Fox can stop the OMWF performance but people can do Buffy spoofs on Mad TV and SNL.

But I'd put Eliza in the "Lucy" role.
It is unauthorised remember...That's how Fox can stop the OMWF performance...
Good point zz9. Does anyone happen to know (or can at least convincingly hypothesize) how something like a Buffy sing-along event fits into this? Is it simply a case of 'request single-performance rights, pay licensing fees, everything's shiny'? That's my extremely simplified understanding of how a similar event like the Firefly mini-marathon in Kirkland, WA gets permitted to occur. Anyone willing/able to fill in some blanks or correct me if need be?
Is anyone else bummed that Nick Brendon isn't cast as Snoopy?
Itís a nice palindrome: Dog sees God - (reads the same backward or forward).
NickSeng - the snoopy dance live? I'd pay for that!
btw, wasn't this link posted a while ago?
On a quick glance, I only saw this mention of Michelle T. participating in a read through. Didn't realize Ian Somerhalder and Eddie Kaye Thomas were in it as well. That's pretty cool.
See, I had a look to see if this had been posted, but I didn't find it because I was looking for Eliza Dushku. I think this is sufficently different to warrant its own thread, however - the Michelle Trachtenberg link seems to be a read-through, whereas I think this is a full-blown performance. However, if the mods disagree, then I'm sure they'll get rid of this thread.

Amusing that two Buffyverse actresses have been associated with this.

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As far as I'm concerned this can stay. Michelle was involved for a read through, this is the start of its actual run featuring a different Whedon alum.
Gorramit- I arranged the mini-marathon in Kirkland referenced above. We asked for permission to show it, signed a bunch of papers and paid royalties. It was the actual product, not a parody or spoof. Just like any play, as long as you pay the royalties and show it as it was written, you can do almost any show you want.
Hi Stephanie! I was so hoping that you would respond :-)
I know the mini-marathon you arranged wasn't a parody or spoof but the real thing itself; in fact, it was the greatest event since the crucifixion - and I should know, I was the mini-marathon, I mean, not the other thing ;-)
Excellent event by the way, it was plenty of fun and well worth the drive south (and an opportunity to meet some fellow Whedonesquers).
A Buffy sing-along was recently held here in town on 27 October, screening "Hush" and "Once More With Feeling" with fun trivia and karaoke between episodes, hence the occasion of my question above. I guess that it was arranged in a similar fashion to the Firefly mini-marathon. Thanks for your reply!
Will definitely be picking up a ticket for Dog Sees God and will pop back to let non-local-like folks know what's what. Looking forward to seeing this cast, and especially Eliza, on stage. Hoping it might wipe from my mind the image of the hours spent watching Vincent Kartheiser in loose, dirty, man-panties in the off-off-Broadway Slag Heap. (Sorry Vincent -- you were wonderful. The material was... er... challenging.)

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Someone on an Eliza messageboard said she's playing "Lucy - an institutionalised pyromaniac" (although the name won't actually be Lucy, for legal reasons), but I haven't seen any official word anywhere.
It is very tempting to try to get into the City some Friday night to hit a 10:00 show...

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