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November 10 2005

Firefly Soundtrack gets UK release date. It'll be out on the 28th of November.

Did they say why?
Probably because it's going to be released officially in the UK.
It's not too inconvenient to order from Most stuff from them does get intercepted by UK cutoms and you have to pick it up from the sorting office and pay duty on it. Even so some things are still a lot cheaper than buying them in the UK.
Ummm Apocalpyse, Firefly is getting released officially in the UK on the 28th of November. So I'll rework your subject line to show this.

Yes all changed now. So to recap. Those who've ordered it on import will find that Amazon UK will have cancelled the order. And now it can be ordered officially in the UK.
One down on the Xmas List - Now the Serenity Sound track

Get In! Explains it then.

Worked out quite well really, to be greeted by bad news that actually makes way for good news as UK fans save on shipping costs.

Thanks for the admendment :)
Ugh, I was planning to order lots of Christmas stuff off, didn't realise there will be duty tax or anything.
Anything over 20 or 25 pounds and you have to pay duty on it.
Well, that counts as shiny to me. 'Tweren't plannin' on usin' Amazon nohow.
If something costs over 18 you may have to pay tax. If it is over that price it really does seem to be a matter of luck, sometimes they catch it and you get taxed, others you're lucky and you don't, probably worked out at about 50:50 for me so far.

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