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November 10 2005

Aly's new sitcom gets a People's Choice Award nomination. "How I Met Your Mother" was nominated for favorite new comedy, along with other new contenders "My name is Earl" and "Everybody Hates Chris".

HIMYM is really really good, imho. It's a show that I've added to the third slot of my DVR priority list (Veronica Mars and Justice League Unlimited being the top two, and Gilmore Girls and Related being fourth and fifth).

I seriously hope they get more seasons, though.
Gotta say, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is really shining on that show. Suit up!
I really wanted to like HIMYM because of Aly but it just feels "flat", IMHO. I finally gave up watching it this week. The cast just doesn't have any chemistry... On the other hand, I really love EHC. Aly is the only reason that I'm glad it's picked up for the season.
I guess I have to live with my choice not being the People's choice. :(
No Lost nominations? Where's the love, people?
No Lost nominations? Where's the love, people?

Gone with the story progression, perhaps. :p
Lol, yeah it feels like it's crawling at a snail's pace, but I still think the episodes are enjoyable.

Also, congrats to Aly for her show's nomination. Not that People's Choice Awards means very much, but they're still fun.
Congrats to Aly! But:

I really can't believe that. Who voted here? Young people, adults?
Sorry for the off topic, but just an example (I could put the nom for Law & Order here too):

Jennifer Garner
Angelina Jolie
Catherine Zeta-Jones (for what movie? Zorro, that was released just two weeks ago?).

Manipulation, anyone? Bought votes?

[ edited by Angel TheVampire on 2005-11-13 19:47 ]
Gag. I'm with you NickSeng. The People are apparently far below *my* favorite programming, which spends 10 seconds on the air and lives forever in my DVD series collection. . .
I'm not a huge fan of Aly's show, but it has some nice moments. If it's on and I'm bored, I'll watch. I'm really happy for Aly and her success! Maybe her next project will be to my liking.

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