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November 11 2005

Welcome To Our Hell: City of Angel coverage of the Quor'toth convention. Featuring anecdotes from the likes of Amy Acker, Andy Hallett, Jenny Mollen and more. Find out about David Boreanaz rescuing dogs from pounds and what Amy thought of Fred being killed off.

That was an excellent read. It's always interesting to hear the actor's thoughts on the behind the scene details. One of them is the amount of time they spend having their make-up applied. I'm a hyperactive person and I can't stay still for more than a few minutes. I drive my barber blonkers trying to keep me seated 15 minutes. A running joke at work is, "Where he go? He was just here." "Did you blink?" So, to think Andy would spend 3 hours and Vladimir 4.5 hours sitting still while make-up was applied is a superhuman task.

Got another kick reading how Amy would switch into 'Illyria' game face while greeting the guest. That must have been a special event for the fans. It would've given me pause. "Hi Amy, how are...whoa! Bad day? Should I leave...or should I be running?" Joss really did the right thing here for he showed the range Amy could act. Before, I thought she was a typical actress, but after the Illyria performance, we really saw the talent of Amy Acker.

Wish to thank CoA and our Simon for this report.
I think it went even further than that, Madhatter. I think the report said that Dayne did Amy's Illyria makeup on her. So not only did she do the mannerisms, she looked like her too.
Just slightly off topic, but can I just say that after watching her last night in Amias (as the show shall ever be known) I came away even more convinced of what an excellent actress Acker is? Her character is much scarier than Illyria and can turn on a dime from best friend to cold-blooded killer.

Plus, Bell included a Faith/Angel shout out in the episode, made it all the more fun.
Plus, Bell included a Faith/Angel shout out in the episode, made it all the more fun.

What was the shout-out, Biff Turkle? I must have missed it.
Sydney asked Marshall if everything was ok in the mission at the beginning of the episode. Marshall responded "Five by five". I don't think Marshall has ever used that phrase before.

I thought the dialogue between Acker and Nichols at the end also seemed very Angelesque.

"You're, you're..."

"Not dead?"

"No, I was going to say, you're evil."
Oh, if only I could have heard Marshall say five by five. That must have been a trip. Thanks, Biff Turkle.
Oh, right. I did notice those. The first one is more of a shout-out than the second. The second is just buffyesque dialogue style.
I can confirm that Amy did switch into Illyria mode once in make up- very chilling indeed. She had this detatched stare and head tilt that would send Andy Hallett into a panic. Would have been nice if they had the suit too but that had already been ebayed by Fox.

She also gave us a couple of Illyria lines from an episode which went down well on stage. (Not in make up though at the time).
That must have been great to see (Amy as Illyria). I really miss that character.

And I agree ESG, the first was the only shout-out, as for the last bit I'm probably conditioned to see Whedonesque dialogue in all sorts of places.

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