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November 11 2005

Clips from the 'Bonus features' disc on the Buffy Collector's Edition DVD boxset. Some great goodies here. There's Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon, Jane Espenson, Charisma Carpenter and Danny Strong chatting about the love between Buffy and Angel, relationships in the Buffyverse and Willow and Oz too. Not to mention Charisma and Danny discussing their favourite Buffy moments as well.

grrr argh! Like almost everyone else here, I have all the season box sets already, but I want this bonus disc!!Sadly, there is no chance in hell I'm plunking down $200 for a bonus disc. :(

Oh, and WHAT was Jane wearing?

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It would be nice if 20th Century Fox released it as a stand alone item.
Oh, my, have this on pre-order since day one, and now more excited than ever to get it!
I never did buy Season One, which was my excuse for pre-ordering this @ $129!

Can't wait.
Fun clips. Thanks for the link, Simon. Sadly, I too have the box sets and cannot rationalize the expense just to get the bonus disk. But I'm not surprised that CiV is getting a copy. I'm pretty certain that half the people who saw Serenity were people that he turned on to the 'verse by loaning out his Firefly disks. I'm sure his Buffy disks are equally worn out! One-man Whedon ad-man! :)
I agree with [wcip]Angel and palehorse, I already have every season of Buffy and Angel on DVD, and even though I would like this, it frankly isn't enough to justify buying this boxset, and having two copies of stuff I already have. And I also think it would be great if they released it on its own. I think maybe after the full series boxset has been out a while they probably will. It's just so ridiculous, not only are the people who bought single boxsets missing out, but so are the people who bought the first full series box set.
Of course, we shouldn't *criticise* the WB or anyone in charge for actually providing us with MORE Buffy-stuff. :) Let's not go all crazy ;) However, if the bonus disc is not somehow released on its own (which I actually doubt it will), then *that* is something to wag one's finger at, in my opinion.

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Someone put it up earlier but it was taken down(of course) but this seems a natural place to mention it. Deepdiscountdvd has a 20 percent sale right now and you can order the Buffy box set for 110 dollars. The sale won't last long so get it soon.
Gah! I bought the all-in-one boxset when it came out in the UK last year, and *we* didn't get a special disk! *Cries*

I hope they do release it as a stand-alone, because there really isn't any point in me getting the same thing again, but looking, in my opinion, a lot less shiny.
Is it just me, or have they removed the Buffy box set from Amazon? I don't see it in the 15 November Coming Soon list, and I can't bring it up on any searches.

Also, does anyone know what's up with the alternate packaging for seaosn one that's shown on DeepDiscountDVDs? Is this something else that's coming out too, or maybe just a foreign edition photo being used by mistake?

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That's odd... I checked It didn't come up in any searches, so I went into my wishlist (I had it on my wishlist). With the picture it says "This title is no longer available

This item is no longer available."
I had three of my season box sets ripped off at my convention. Now I find there's an upside... I can feel perfectly justified buying this set. LOL charged me for my Chosen set on Nov. 10. Never been so happy to see money leaving my bank account. I also noticed that you can't bring the title up anymore. Don't they usually let you order out-of-stock items? Why wouldn't they be able to restock?
It has seemed to disappear from Amazon's site... maybe they are completely sold out? Didn't we get told this item was "strictly limited" and a "limited edition" in a sense that the boxes were individually numbered? It would be interesting to find out how many they are actually producing... though I would think that Fox wouldn't dare let people live without one. "Limited edition" is a term that is thrown around so freely... but perhaps not so this time?
I pre-ordered mine but haven't been charged... So am I actually going to get it from

The priced changed 3 times: First, $139,99 then $129.99 which I pre-ordered, finally $169.99 then a week or two later it's no longer listed. What happened there?
Yay! I got notification today that DeepDiscount DVD has shiped my order :) I just checked their website (via RayHill's link) and they still have the collection for sale, and at 139.95, cheeper than Amazon has had it for the last month. Fingers crossed, I'll have the DVD in a few weeks!
umm... but Amazon continues to list items even if they are out of print and no longer in stock. They still have product information, reviews and used sellers. That's just strange...
Soooo... this is the previous set version, with no extra content, right? [link]
Excellent, I was wondering what was on that extra disc. I'm sure there's more, but at least, we got a taste. Thanks Simon for this link.

Also, DVD Planet is still showing the Buffy Collection for $140.00US if anyone is interested.

It was good to hear the Charisma interview as well as Danny Strong's. Not sure what Jane was wearing, was too concerned with her hair. Not bad, may grow to like it.
palehorse, a true confession: I pre-ordered 2 sets, actually! My wife totally approves, saying she always wants the comfort of knowing there's a pristine copy of each disk available (we tend to wear them out, as you note!

Had dinner this week with an old friend from ages (32 years--she was 15 the last time we saw each other!) ago...she'd never seen Buffy...I ordered her Season 1, asked that she watch the first 2 episodes back to back...I am sure she'll be a Buffy freak in short order.
That is strange about Amazon. My "Open Orders" page continues to list my pre-order of the boxed set, with the same shipping date and all, but the title is no longer HTML-linked through to an item page. Even if it was a limited edition, you'd think they could just tell people it was out of stock, with no expectation of getting any more in. Why remove all references? Anyway, I'm optimistic that those of us who pre-ordered will be receiving our sets this coming week. Yay.
Regarding the Amazon thing, Herc at AICN says:

The new “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” seven-season “Chosen Collection” that hits shelves next Tuesday was available for months for $129.99, then a month ago it suddenly rocketed up to $169.99 on Amazon and elsewhere. (And then, yesterday, Amazon removed the “Chosen Collection” from its site entirely!!) The good news? Amazon has to honor all the orders that smart shoppers pre-ordered months ago at $129.99.

Thank you, Simon...thank you, thank you, thank you!
RayHill, I've never seen before that S1 package.
I think it's pretty cool. I hate that heart (it's on R2 versions too), but well, still pretty cool.
Um, this links to the site ok but then none of the clips work for me. Anyone in the same boat?
Dear *Nameofyourgoddess*,
Please make certain that all my friends at Whedonesque get their pre-ordered Chosen collections. They have all been very good fans this year, and they deserve a break, particularly after you sorta let them down with Serenity (no offense). And I make a special plea for CiV, who has more friends than any of the rest of us, and he has converted them all to Buffy. He is especially deserving.
[Well, you know who I am. I cannot sign my message due to Whedonesque rules. I know you will understand.]
People just put your DVD collection ebay. I did and I got 120 buxx for them, enuff for the new Chosen Collection. Just gotta add a couple extra dollars. So yea....ebay it......Does anyone know if this DVD set has new video transfers??? I think there's one season or two that have a glitch in their transfer, like a yellowish line at the left or right side of the screen.
I sold some of my buffy sets, and then (tear) lost the money. I hope this isn't a limited edition cause I was hoping to get it when I get some more cash.
I think it is a limited edition, hence Amazon pulling it from their website. But you'll probably get what happened in the UK. The limited edition boxset came out here last year and sold out very quickly and then this year 20th Century Fox UK reissued it.
eddy, good luck and best wishes to you, and I hope Simon's prognostication is correct.

palehorse, it's funny...I used to hold my hands up and say, "I know I sound like a crazy person, but there's this amazingly good show", I just wade in like John Wayne: "Lissen up here, this is art, of a high order, don't even think about not watching's Season One, get back to me after you've watched the first 84 minutes of it, you hear???"

Or, well, something like that!

Very, very excited about this set...

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I tell you one thing, I was in the local Virgin Megastore today and I picked up the reissued box set and it's bloody heavy.
Yeah sorry about that. The clips are working for me. Maybe you need the most uptodate version of WMP.
I'm another one who wants a standalone of the extras. I don't do eBay, and shelled out a fair whack of cash for the dvds as they came out.
What about Netflix? If we lobby their purchasing department, maybe we'll see the bonus disc that way... just an idea.

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