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November 11 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity DVD To Include An Easter Egg. A very brief news item on the official Browncoats board (spoiler tag because the discussion over there spoils the film) teases the existence of an Easter egg hidden somewhere on the forthcoming Serenity DVD.

For those without accounts over there, here's what the news item says:

Yes - there will be an easter egg on the Serenity DVD and it will be....

....something very shiny!

Unfortunately that's all the information available right now. Stay tuned for more information!

Let the baseless speculation begin!

Actually you don't need to register to read the news item so I've removed the (reg req) bit.
Find the easter egg and Joss Whedon will come to your house after you watch the movie and do an hours Q+A just for you!

Maybe he'd better limit this to the first lucky ten winners or so.
I'm hoping it's a feature on the Fruity Oaty bar commercial, maybe the commercial played in its entirety. It's just so deliriously weird.
I would definitely like to see that, but I'd also like to see the introduction that Joss filmed for the pre-screenings, especially because they forgot to show it at ours!
Yep, I agree with Razor. It *has* to be the pre-screener-thing from Joss! :)

Still, no baseless theory is set in stone (hence the baselessness.) :P
Only one? Put one on each menu screen come on.
But there's already a listed extra called "Joss Whedon Introduction". Of course it could be something else, but I bet it's the pre-screening thing.
Following the tradition from the Firefly box, Adam Baldwin leading the Edinburgh Film Festival's world premiere audience (including me, hahahaaa) in a rousing rendition of The Hero Of Canton?
So many yummies I'd like to see: Fruity Oaty Bar goodness; extended bloopers; Joss intros (both US and Europe); River Tam sessions; convention panels; LA premiere interviews...

I'm just happy to be able to bring the DVD back to France with me for the holidays and show it to all my friends there (the movie only played in a few out of the way theaters in Paris)... Spreading the Browncoat love! ;)
I am also assuming that the "introduction" listed on the features is the one from the U.S. advance screenings, but that is an assumption. I am also assuming that the special feature on the Fruity Oaty bars wouldn't be very special if it didn't in fact already include the ad in its entirety.

I would tend to doubt that the egg is going to be something related to a feature that's already there anyway.

(Meanwhile, I just noticed that Amazon's product description truncates the studio responsible for the DVD as "Universal Studios Ho".)

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The Fruity Oaty feature which was submitted to the BBFC is not listed on the DVD specs.
I'm guessing it will be the River Tam Sessions. With the way those videos were leaked on the web, I think it's only appropriate for them to be hidden as easter eggs on the DVD.
ITs just the Fruity Oaty Bar thing that was listed on the UK DVD but not on the US DVD.
I am absolutely convinced it's the sequel.
rbb- "I am absolutely convinced it's the sequel"
omg- thats awesome.

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Maybe the River Tam sessions??
I'm just happy to be able to bring the DVD back to France with me for the holidays and show it to all my friends there

You intend to show them the DVD, right? Not the boxset of the DVD, mmh? And, beware: the DVD could also be covered with some ugly art... it may be best if you push your friends out of the room when you take the DVD out of your bag and put it in the player... ;)

I am pretty sure that the easter egg is the deleted scene where the Llama appears and talks to Mal, convincing him to . It is obvious that the Llama has in fact a strong role in the movie (and that's why Reavers swarm on him on the DVD boxset: they know their ennemy, and it is not Mal!).

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Maybe the River Tam sessions??

If so, my paranoia would kick in, since previously it was stated that they would be something that would appear on a special edition DVD six months down the road. If they end up on this one, does that mean no special edition?

Of course, I burned the Sessions onto SVCD so I could watch them on my television anyway.
I don't believe there has been any confirmation of a special edition DVD. Last time this came up, it seemed to be just a throwaway optimistic comment from Joss. Certainly I haven't seen anything to say that the River Tam sessions would definitely be on a released DVD.

Everyone is of course very welcome to prove me wrong.
The special edition DVD thing comes from Joss at one of the Oz screenings, saying he'd like to do one mid-2006. That's all up to Universal Home Entertainment, however I'm willing to bet they do release a special edition version, as they know the fan base will lap it up.

As far as I know the introduction on the DVD is a new one.

Completely off topic, but I got a load of promotional material for Serenity today from Universal, of which a few items are "I aim to misbehave" tshirts with the different characters on the front. Anybody seen these before?
Whoa, gossi. I would pay serious money for some of those tees.
They ought to market those t-shirts. I'd pay for one.
Gossi... is there any way to get those t-shirts with cashy money or are they just promo items?
Easter egg HAS TO BE the River Tam Sessions......can't see it being anything else.
I'm just really happy we're getting this DVD and all the special features sound really cool. Of course I hope there is a 2 disc version, but the features I want most are an audio commentary from Joss, Joss's introduction to the film, the Fruity Oaty Bars advert in its entirety, the deleted scenes and the blooper reel. And it seems that most of these will be on it, and possibly more, so I am satisfied.

Imagine an audio commentary with all nine castmembers and Joss... *drools*
Imagine an audio commentary with all nine castmembers and Joss... *drools*

That's the other thing Joss said he wanted to do for any potential special edition.
They should release like a 8 disc special edition of Serenity, lol....They freakin know we will buy it, even if it's 10 bucks more or something like that. Hey the Matrix ultimate collection (10 discs) sits right under 40 bucks.

(Edited for spelling and punctuation: please try to use capital letters and conventional spelling - thanks.)

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A sequel to "Serenity"?

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