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November 11 2005

Firefly Still Flying on Sci Fi. Looks like the Sci Fi channel is keeping Firefly in syndication for a while longer than we thought.

There is also a link to an article talking about the Buffy Comics Joss made reference to in his post earlier this week. Nice to see that Sci Fi isn't dropping Firefly just yet!

Yes, was quite surprised when I found part 1 of the pilot on tonight. Looks like part 2 is on next week, then it shares the Friday night slot with a movie marathon on and off thru December. Maybe it's still there for promotion of the DVD?

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Maybe. They may just be keeping it on to fill space until new episodes of "Stargate" return, but maybe they just realized it's a good show.

This has probably been posted elsewhere and often, but does anyone know what kind of ratings the episodes have gotten?
I think the ratings have been pretty good.
I was surprised too. I'm like "Oh look, Serenity Part 1 is on -- wait a second --"
Yes, like Vampire Dan I've heard that it is the highest rated thing on Sci-fi right now (of course everything else is in rerun at the moment). I hope they'll be running ads for the 'Serenity' DVDs, we've gotten a lot of new fans through Sci-fi channel and I'm hoping they ALL buy the movie DVD!
They probably have to air it a few times to get their money's worth.
The highest rated thing on Sci Fi now? Where can I find the ratings?
Bless their hearts.
Nice to hear some good news for once.
Does anyone know exactly why the show can't fly again? I've heard so many different reasons why I've lost count but nothing that really sounds solid. Cause I'm thinking, Sci-Fi has clearly taken a liking to Firefly and the movie wasn't the box office success we hoped it to be which means that sequels are hanging in the balance. So, what actually prohibits Sci-Fi from starting the developement of the show again? After all, they are a part of Universal and if the mother company says it's OK then the movie deal won't be in the way. And I'm sure that FOX would be delighted to be able to make money on a defunct franchise like Firefly, especially considering the DVD sales they would get from yet another DVD set. I know I might be beating a dead horse here but I gotta keep hope alive.

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Please don't hate me for being nitpicky, but Firefly is not in syndication - it's exclusively on Sci Fi Channel (not "Sci-fi channel", btw).

"Syndication" is when a series (new or old) is sold to individual local stations. For instance, previous seasons of both Stargate series now air in syndication as well as on Sci Fi, while new episodes air exclusively on Sci Fi. (In contrast, Oprah airs exclusively in syndication.)

Also, while I'm pleased as punch that Sci Fi is doing a second run of Firefly (likely due to continued decent ratings, the fact its already paid for, and its cross-promotional utility for the upcoming Serenity DVD), I'd be happier if they were airing episodes letterboxed this time around, which could've served as an added promotional hook.
I'd be happier if they were airing episodes letterboxed this time around, which could've served as an added promotional hook.

Except that airing them the way they were originally aired is a promotional hook: "Want to see them letterboxed? Pay for the DVDs!"
Does anyone know exactly why the show can't fly again?

Here's the reason in a simple explaination: money.

It's very expensive to make. Not enough people watched it. If enough people watched it, it'd earn enough money for a studio, and they would make it.
Here's the reason in a simple explaination: money.

I know that it's a costly show, but so is Battlestar Galactica. I can't imagine that Firefly would cost much money than BSG to produce. Battlestar Galactica repeats has lower ratings then Firefly repeats. You see where I'm going with this?
Except, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Sci Fi also has the BBC chipping in for production costs. Dual backing helps.
Sorry to go OT, but does anyone know if the BBC is still giving financial backing towards BSG in its second season?
Yes, I believe you're right pat, I forgot about that. But is it really so impossible that Firefly could be co-produced aswell, especially considering how strong the Buffy fanbase is in for example the UK and since the Serenity box office over there was pretty good?
It wasn't the BBC, it was Sky One who gave financial backing.
So it's Sky? They're a smaller network even. Then this definitely could work. Not that I'm expecting this to happen, just trying to think outside the box.
Oh, sure. It's possible....but it starts with an IF. If FOX were to sell their right to the property. Which is a big if.
And the other big IF is whether the actors want to commit to series television again. That's a big commitment.
Thank you, Simon.
Sorry to go OT, but does anyone know if the BBC is still giving financial backing towards BSG in its second season?

As Simon pointed out above it is Sky who contributed and the co-production deal continues for Season Two.
Back to topic. Remember that 'Firefly' thing airing on Sci-Fi?
Madhatter, are you talking about another one of their bug invasion movies?

I don't have Sci Fi at home- stupid Comcast reordered our channels and left us bereft of the channel two days before they started showing Firefly- but I was over a friend's house who did. Nice to catch it. My wife realized it was Firefly by just hearing a snatch of the music, I was proud. =)
Another thing about BSG: Stargate SG-1 has been typically besting it's first runs in the ratings. BSG has been performing consistantly with Stargate: Atlantis at just below SG-1. Firefly has had some solid lead in ratings going into SG-1 as well.
A co-worker of mine who I convinced to go see Serenity told me afterwards that "Oh, I've been watching the tv show on Sci Fi. I didn't know there was a movie out based on it." So even people who watched it on Sci Fi had no idea that Firefly and Serenity were connected.
I'm really surprise that the Sci-Fi channel is keeping this show on it's network seeing as the ratings have been dismal since the show first aired. A 1.2 rating isn't good at all.

Sci-Fi shouldn't waste anymore time with Firefly they should move on to bigger and much better things.
KnightFire, I think that 1.2 is very good for episodes of a show that has already been released on DVD, on cable in a non-prime time hour. Since SciFi doesn't have to pay to produce these episodes, they're very profitable to the network.
Hey KnightFire, not sure what's up with the overtly negative comments on the last two Firefly posts, but tone it down.

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