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November 13 2005

Buffy Collector's Edition DVD still set for release this Tuesday. 20th Century Fox to look into why removed the item from their website.

Like TVShowsOnDVD, Whedonesque has had a number of emails about this. Hopefully this will set the record straight.

Yeah, I was worried about that--but the set does still show up when I look at my orders...

Much strangeness.
The Amazon thing is freaky. I hope it doesn't affect sales too much!
Like the article says, it's a limited edition set, so I'm not worried it won't sell out quickly.

(If I'm worried about sales, it's that it will sell out quickly and then if Amazon screws up, I won't be able to get my box.)
I wouldn't worry about the sales factor much - 'Buffy' is one of the highest selling DVD properties, like, ever. If you wondered why a direct-to-DVD series of movies is being considered...
I'm theorizing that they pulled it because its limited and they had a TON of orders :)
Fortunately I got notice from Amazon that they shipped mine. If they didn't I'd be quite pissed off, as I ordered it very shortly after it became available. I specifically didn't cancel my order (and reordered) after the price reduction because I foresaw possible overbooking looming on the horizon.

Well, it seems I'll get mine. Good look with yours.
You don't ever need to cx and re-place w/Amazon, just email customer service and they will adjust the price. That's what I did.
They shipped the first ones already? Sweet!

Zeitgeist--it's still a case of much weirdness. Doesn't Amazon usually keep pages for items 'not currently available'?
Yeah, they do for items expected to return to stock, don't know for sure about limiteds.
It just seems to me that the smart marketing approach - and the one they seem to take with other out-of-stock items, - is to tell everyone how popular the item has been in order to gin up more interest and demand. Even if it is a strictly limited-edition, the value on the resale market - which Amazon is also involved in, - will shoot up.

There are laws regulating what a seller must say in an ad, of course. A seller can't offer an item for sale that it has no reasonable expectation of shipping (that would violate Federal Trade Commission rules on mail orders, and possibly the Mail Fraud Act, depending on how much the shipper knew). But if Amazon straight out tell customers that the item is currently out of stock, it's not doing anything wrong, and we're all better informed. Again, seems silly.
Good points, especially re: secondary market/Amazon Marketplace.
I thought the thing was being released next week. Am I delightfully wrong!?!?!?
I wouldn't worry about the sales factor much - 'Buffy' is one of the highest selling DVD properties, like, ever.

Er... Oh yeah. Heh...

Guess I've just become used to being concerned about ticket (and soon DVD) sales for Firefly/Serenity.
Uh-oh, I guess I should have pre-ordered?

It'll probably show up in stores or on eBay, it's just that I probably won't be able to get it for as cheap as the pre-order price. Or maybe I should just wait for a reissue. I've waited this long to own Buffy on DVD, what're a few more years? My friend ordered the box set, so I can borrow off of her sometimes or just rent the discs.

I have a feeling a lot of the content on that exclusive bonus disc will end up online and available for download.
Forget Amazon. You can get it for $112 elsewhere at a high rated store. has a 20% coupon code going around until the 19th.
So go here and try codes DD11, DVDSALE, DVDTALK, NYTIMES or USATODAY to get it for $112 shipped.
Taraliveson - The sale doesn't include preorders, and therefore the buffy set is not eligible. However, the sale will still be going on by the time the set is released. Hopefully it won't also mysteriously disappear from deepdiscountdvd in two days time, or I'll be pissed.
Yes I meant that you could order it on Tuesday when it's officially on sale and not a pre-order. Sorry for not clarifying. $112 shipped is the very best price anywhere.
TaraLivesOn - Thanks SO much for the info! My family was going to get me seasons 6 & 7 for Christmas. Now, for nearly the same price, they can get me the box set. I'm so excited.
I just got my Chosen Collection in the mail today from Let's just say I have my evenings planned for the next few months... maybe less. Can't say enough about this show. Just ask my girlfriend.
mlcmoose, what does the set look like? Is it all shiny? How "tall" and big is it? How pretty is it? How easy is it to get the disks in and out per season? What's the little accompanying booklet like?

Can you tell how excited I am? I ordered one, too, but from deepdiscount. Hasn't been sent yet.
It's back on for the price of $169.99 while other stores are in the average of $145 ... they are trying to recoup the lost money from presale of $129.99 (im deducing)
mlcmoose, where are you? when did you preorder?

I preordered my set in August and haven't received an email saying it was shipped. Help.
Pssst, everyone, tomorrow's my birthday. Just in case you were wondering. I'll accept presents in the form of this new set, Nathan Fillion on my doorstep, or a phone call from Joss. In case you were wondering, that is.
I'm glad you are all as excited about this set as I am... The "blood" part of the exterior is glossy, while the white part is more flat. The logo on the front is embossed. The top of the set opens on a hinge and then the front folds down. The seasons are stacked inside, 7 is on the bottom going up to 1 on top. Each season comes in a CD case size book, with all the disks included. Season 1 is about the thickness of 2 cd cases, while 2-7 are probably about 3 CD cases thick. When stacked together, the bindings combine to form a picture of the cast including Angel, Buffy, Willow, Oz, Giles, Spike, Xander, and Cordelia. The exclusive content comes in a separate cardboard slip sleeve. Also there is a booklet the size of a CD case containing Joss's top 12 episodes not written by him and a listing of all the episodes in each season with a brief summary. There is also the brief note signed by Joss separately. The CDs are real easy to get out and are packaged similar to the way seasons of Smallville are a posterboard type exterior with a hard plastic interior that opens like a book. Overall the package is about 8-10 inches tall. I'm in New Ulm, MN I preordered the set in early September, but cancelled my order and reordered when the dropped the price in October. I don't know how I got so lucky, but I hope you all appreciate this information.
Thanks for the great description, mlcmoose. The set sounds super. I like the fact that the exterior "blood" is glossy. It's probably a good thing they didn't make it sticky, too. Ew. It sounds as if the DVD packaging is much easier to deal with than the R1 season sets, which you have to unfold and unfold and unfold. I much prefer the book format of this set. Can't. wait.
okay, i have a question about the disc art. Is the disc art the same as it was in the individual sets, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE IF IT IS DIFFERENT, I want to be surprised if the discs have new art on them. If they are the same discs, then i would like to know. Thanks
Our set arrived in today's snail mail also. We're not sure why it arrived so quickly since stuff from Amazon usually doesn't, but...
Amazon expects my set to arrive somewhere in mid-December. And I ordered on August 19...
this is so irritating. it still says the release date is next week. I preordered in August too.
The DVD art is the same as the individual sets. And you're welcome.
Is the original box art anywhere to be found in this set? I loved the packaging for season 1 box, but thought it went linearly downhill from there (i.e. s2 still very good, terrible by s6 and s7).
i thought that the box art got better and better. S1 was just pictures of Buffy and candles and stuff. I much prefer lots of different characters on the packaging than a billion pictures of Buffy.
If you chose the Free Super Saver shipping in, they ship your stuff extra business days most of the time. However if you choose the Standard shipping, they'll ship to you as soon as it's available.
Dhoffryn, that is why I don't own a Buffy calendar. All pics of the buffster sleazily vamping (no pun intended) oh so hard.

I know, there's a Spike one, and one for Angel. Still, I wants me a BtVS calendar with screen shots of the show! From The Prom, OMWF, Restless, PANGS!

I'll never get it. They just won't do it now.
OK, now mine has shipped. :-)

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