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November 14 2005

A report about Joss Whedon's talk at Screenwriting Expo 4. Find out about Joss' favourite movies and the pitches that Tim Minear wrote for Buffy and lots more (reg req).

aw. Nathan *hearts* Joss. And apparently Joss *hearts* the couch.
That Xander episode Tim pitched sounds hilarious!
Wee. Thanks for this, Simon - I hadn't read these posts.

ETA: When Joss did his 2 hour talk in Scotland, Nathan was sat in the crowd.

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This is great, but I would love to hear more. Anybody here go? Full report, please. I'm so curious to learn more about their writing processes. The humpin' the couch -- not so much. (There is a woman Surrealist artist who created sculpture-furniture, including a sofa or two, that resembled female bodies more than the furniture itself. Maybe I should recommend her work to Joss?)
I went to Tim's class, but not Joss' talk. It was almost three hours long, I'm not sure how to sum it up.
Palehorse, I went. Yeah, the f-ing the couch thing was completely useless and a question from one of a couple insane audience members, not a topic of Joss's volition. The mic problems were apparent throughout the weekend. They continued through Goldman's seminar on the 3rd day. It was unfortunate because it cut a lot of time. As did Nathan's introduction.

What was great about Joss at the Expo was that it wasn't a convention and possibly the most intimate talk about his writing process anyone would be able to find. I'll post more later.
Allyson, just curious, but why would you miss Joss's talk??

That would be a must see for me, I think.
TheZeppo, I'm dying to hear more of what you have to say about Joss's talk. I would have given my eyeteeth to hear Joss speak in such a setting. (Whatever eyeteeth are.) Goldman would have been most interesting, too.
I didn't sign up for the Expo, I just went with Tim the night he did his class.
I would've loved to have gone to both Tim and Joss's things. Damn living so far away (and not being a wannabie script writer, but I reckon I would've gone anyway if not for the distance.)
Screenwriting class with Joss and Tim? That would have been a dream come true. But well, still living on the wrong side of the world. *sighs* I also would appreciate more reports about this .. especially stuff which concerns the writing processes...
I was there too, and finally got to meet Joss and tell him that Buffy was the reason I started writing again. As much as I love Joss when he's just interacting with fans, it was amazing to see him out of that atmosphere and talking about his craft. I agree that it was the most intimate I've ever seen him, and it was certainly more educational and inspirational than my last year and a half of grad school has been. He's so passionate about what he does, and so freaking smart. I'm still a bit in awe of the experience (and behind on my schoolwork, therefore strapped for time), so I can't get into too much detail, but both Joss and Tim (who is hilarious and brilliant) made me sharpen my focus this weekend, and I'm so grateful and excited.
I can copy and paste my Buffistas posts about Tim's class into my LJ and then link it here, if that's helpful.

ETA: My Lame Report

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Allyson, that would be great. And, TheZeppo, when you have a chance, I would love to hear more about your experience, and what you came away with. And, Samantha, when the semester is over, perhaps you can post some of your observations over at Flickr? I'm eager to hear how Joss and Tim helped you sharpen your focus. I would have liked to have attended this event, but there was no way I could have afforded the cross-country airfare and other expenses, and I'm not an aspiring screenwriter. But I do write, and I am absolutely fascinated by the creative processes of those whose work I greatly admire.

ETA: Oops. Thanks, Allyson. I see you have updated your post as I wrote.

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Allyson, thanks for posting that. I liked the 'audience wanted to lick his brain' line.
Howdy, just updated my post at the browncoats board with some more info on Joss's appearance (I post as "Painisscary" there). I would've posted the report here too but I registered here so long ago I forgot I had. Will post back if I remember anything else.

As I mention there, he never specifically talked about his writing process, which was I question I wanted to ask, but by the time the moderator asked for audience questions, there was only time for a few, and a long line had quickly formed at the mike. He did, however, talk in great detail about the craft of screenwriting, his formative years at Wesleyan, the transforming of Buffy from movie to tv series, and all sorts of other good stuff (see my browncoats post for more).

It was a great time, and Joss was, as usual, entertaining, edifying, and inspiring. The entire appearance was videotaped, and I imagine it'll eventually be available on DVD from Creative
Someone at the browncoats board posted this link to some great Joss comments about his writing process:
Hmmm, looks like they may have taped the sessions and may provide them on dvd, at least based on the comments at the Serenity board. If so, I'd happily buy them.
Thanks for sharing, skeezycheese! Might get the Dvd as well but it seems pretty expansive.
This contains a spoiler for Serenity, so I've inviso-texted where appropriate...

I was lucky enough to attend both events, and there was one small, very funny moment that probably would have been lost forever... were it not for this thread. So here it is.

Joss has finished speaking, and, for some odd reason, the Expo staff clears the room. Even though there's another speaker coming up next... and there are a couple hundred empty seats... they want us all to leave, then come back. There's some grumbling, but hey, whatever.

So I'm standing in line to return to the room and sit down for the next speakers (the writers of "The Wedding Crashers," I think...) when all of a sudden, who pops out the door? Our guy Joss. He's got an Expo staff member with him, and in the two seconds as they're walking by me, it becomes quickly apparent they're on the prowl for the nearest bathroom. And here's the conversational snippet I overhear:

This, he says in a normal, quietish tone of voice... and it's only five seconds after he's walked by -- and there has been, of course, no reaction, because either the guy walking with him isn't a fan, or nobody else heard it -- that I suddenly got it, and burst out laughing.

Very amusing, jenolen...thanks for posting!
Did he ask for directions to the library as well?

Book-room? Geddit? Book-room....
About the DVD of the event - it looks like they do a best of, where they take snippets of all twelve "Guests of Honor" and package it in a 4 DVD set for about 80 bucks. So if you just wanna see Joss, probably not worth it.

However, I also saw John August, Susannah Grant, William Goldman, Don Roos, and Paul Haggis do their Guest of Honor thing, and they were all very good (although Joss was the best...duh). So if you're interested in any of these writers, it could be worth it. Although I would also add the video recording, microphones and lighting set up seemed pretty awful - I would imagine the DVD would not be the best quality.

Adding to the bathroom story, I was right by Joss when they told him he needed to clear the room. He went "here's what I'm going to do - first I'm going to go to the bathroom. And you can't follow me! " But then he pretends like he's looking into the crowd and he goes "except for you" and points to someone, and then he pointed at a few more people designated to follow him into the bathroom (including me! I didn't go though...). He then said that when he comes out he would talk and sign some more stuff. So everyone lines up a little ways down the hall from the bathroom, all facing towards the door, waiting for him to emerge. Some random dude comes up to me and goes "why is everyone looking down the hall?" So I said "we're waiting for Joss Whedon to come out of the bathroom." At which point he shook his head and walked away.

One more funny bit - during his microphone troubles, Joss's mic started giving off some minor feedback. He was like "that's not good - do you all hear that?" The audience and the moderator responded with a hearty yes, at which point Joss went "that voice in your head telling you to kill - kill them all?" I think he's made this joke before, but still, funny.
A little late, but here's a great and very very detailed report from the Screenwriting Expo - both Tim and Joss's panels, - from a Livejournal user (full disclosure: I know "EB"). It's full of interesting snippets, tidbits, and factoids. Enjoy.
That's about as detailed as you can get. Excellent report.
That Firefly plotline was dark, like 4am in a coal mine dark.

Funny how both Angel & Firefly begin as much darker ideas than the actual shows.
Thanks for that link SNT, that was a great report.
Yes, thanks, SNT, that really was a wonderful read.
Ooh more detail, nice. Thanks skeezycheese and SNT.
SNT: Best. Link. Ever.
Thanks a lot SNT!
SNT, that was a truly wonderful account of both Tim and Joss's talks. Thanks so much for posting the link.
A little late, but here's a great and very very detailed report from the Screenwriting Expo

Pft. MY report included the Bruno Magli shoes. That's detail. ;-)
Thanks, SNT. (And Allyson.)
Joining in the hymn of thanks to SNT for a truly great link, which I have shared far and wide...really great stuff.
Well, thanks all.

*sheepishly* You did know I didn't actually write the report myself, don'tcha? :) But I am passing on your lovely comments to she who did.
I was there last weekend, as well. Since I'm lazy, I'll add nothing to the pot but "Yeah, dream-come-true." Joss and Tim were worth the price of admission alone, but there were some other great, great, great speakers, too (Goldman was fantastic. I have a new crush!)
Thanks Simon, Allyson and SNT.

For shame orphea, how about you just fill in a few blanks that you remember that are not included in the other two reports. Pretty please?
Oh alright. :)

Did either of those reports mention Tim's response to an audience member suggesting that Angel should magically inhabit Cordy's body? Yes? No? (me = lazy, remember?) Tim: "Because the show's not gay enough..."

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