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November 14 2005

(SPOILER) "Buffy" Couple on the Casting Couch. Dark Horizons gives more details on Sarah Michelle Gellar and Marc Blucas' roles in two upcoming projects, SMG in "The Air I Breath" and Marc Blucas in "Three".

Link gives short descriptions of both films, with additional links to longer articles ("Three"'s is from Variety, reg. req.).

Mr. Six Degrees himself joins SMG in TAIB -- could Buffy have ever imagined she'd make it to the first degree in the Bacon Game?

*[Possible plot spoilers for the extremely spoiler-phobic.]

OMG - I love Three but I in no way ever pictured Marc Blucas as one of the stars. I don't know how I feel about this. Plus that is a stupid description of the novel. It's more than that.

After thinking about it I think Andy Hallett would have been better as the lead role in Three over Blucas, the character needs a certain personality quirk I don't think Blucas pocesses. The character is a theological student who has some personality issues making him an interesting character. I think Blucas may be to bland and ordinary to pull off the role.

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And I love Kevin Bacon. How wonderful to have him and SMG in the same movie.
Wiseblood - That'd be Gellar (not Geller) and Blucas (not Blucus). ;-)
Oops. Should of stuck with the less-misspellable initialisms throughout ;)

So how many ongoing/upcoming projects does this make for SMG now? It's great she's choosing more indie-type films than blockbusters; I'm dying to see her in something that really stretches her, that makes me feel like, wow, I sure didn't see that coming.
I'm glad that so many Buffy and Angel actors and writers have found interesting new work. It is nice to know that their talents are being appreciated by a wider audience.

In answer to Wiseblood's question:

SMG has three projects due to be released in 2006. "Happily N'ever After", "Southland Tales", and the still "Untitled Supernatural Thriller (aka:Revolver/The Return)" for Rogue Pictures co-starring Sam Sheppard.

She will be working on "The Air I Breathe" in January and the untitled movie version of "Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing" with Alec Baldwin in May of 2006.

The movie version of the video game "Alice" is also on her slate; but, the project is still in development.

The website for "The Air I Breathe" is The site is presently under construction. got the information related to Kevin Bacon from the site.

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