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November 14 2005

Browncoat Book website online. Edited by Kirsty 'Joss dropped my drink' Walker, find out about "a yearbook chronicling the end of Firefly and the start of Serenity" (from fans' perspective). All profits go to Equality Now.


I was one of the first people to submit an entry, so I will most certainly be buying it! Great project.
Well I sent them an email offering up any of my photos they want to use, if they want them.
Yea, I really have a lot of stuff to submit, but I want to have a good think about it before I do. I have a lot of pics of the beers with Joss, and video of when we met him also. Also us on the TV in Oz holding up banners, which might be nice to submit too.
I suspect space may be an issue - I went for beers with Kirsty a few weeks ago, it's filling up so very fast.
Good to see the book is filling up fast - I've already sent some of my art :)

RavenU - your photos are fantastic, they'll be stuck for choice.
I think it's great how many projects and auctions are donating their profits to Equality Now, by the way. I know Kirsty was knowledgable of them before she knew the Joss link, but certainly Joss helped raise their profile amongst the fandom, which has lead to a fair amount of money coming their direction.

With this project, it's obviously taking Kirsty an age to organise and get published, and she's not making anything from it as she's giving the money away. Much kudos is deserved in the 'better person than I' department. Personally, I think we should have a section dedicated to Devin's rabid evil Browncoat movement.
I've submitted my picture and name and whatnot. I'm currently still trying to write a (small) piece on the Dutch experience and the pre-screening and red carpet premiere and all.
Trying to compress all the experiences of the Canadian Browncoats into just a few pages of text and photos was very difficult. I love how so many people have pulled together to make this happen but big kudos to Kirsty for the doing. 'Course she got her reward already. Eating and drinking with Joss. Colour me jealous.
Lioness - don't be jealous. Kirsty actually slobbered over Joss' chin, whilst I constantly asked Joss for an autograph and screamed his name.

This is, of course, a total lie. You can be more jealous when I tell you she discussed teaching tactics with Nathan Fillion, though. And if you think that sounds surreal, we won't mention tieing Joss' tie around his head like rambo (the only time I've ever seen Joss speechless). Or Dancing Queen.

Remember, kids: alcohol and after show parties leads to amusement.

[ edited by gossi on 2005-11-15 22:12 ]
Oooh Gossi. I never knew you had such a nasty streak. Making us all feel badly like that. I've gone from a pleasant spring green jealous to a dark emerald.
Hee - I'm bad to the bone. Or something.

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